Friday, November 1, 2013

Bar owners - Any truly reputable?

The Newspaper reported the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is trying to block Thom Greco's attempt to regain a liquor license for The Mines nightclub, saying the Wilkes-Barre businessman is not a "reputable person" due to his felony conviction during the Luzerne County public corruption scandal.

Oxymoron: It is an oxymoron (two things that don’t together) to suggest there are ANY reputable bar owners. Anybody in the business knows that approximately 90-95% of alcohol is drank by alcoholics.
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What does this tell us? It tells us the “alccohol dealers” satisfy the alcoholic’s cravings in the same way drug dealers satisfying their customers’ fixes. A drug is a drug is a drug.

… Back to Thom Greco

It appears that some people don’t care for Thom Greco. I can’t speak to that as I have lived outside the area most of my adult life. But this doesn’t mean the laws should be applied unfairly against him. The LCB is claiming him to be disreputable.

1)    A felony charge for “misprision” was levied against him. What is it?  Basically it’s a law that says you have to “rat out” someone – even if you are the victim and want to let the perpetrator go (Greco’s case). Black’s Law Dictionary lists it as archaic and it may represent the most flimsy and meritless of felonies.
2)    I know he doesn’t drink. That is reputable.
3)    It is stated that he received $5.8 million deal allegedly over spending $14k at :Big Uglies.” Any reasonable person would assume one would have to pony up a lot more than $14k (just 2/10 of 1 per cent).
4)    The club was cited for serving a visibly intoxicated person (ONE!!!).

For this last entry – Greco should receive a Gold Medal. Just one? Amazing

Consider other so called “reputable” bar owners
A)  How about the owner’s of the Pitcher’s Mound where there was just a bust? Reputable?
B)   What about the “steroid monkey” Mike Mackey who was so drunk he couldn’t realize that repetitively punching an unconscious man (A Gipson) may actually kill him? Is the owner of the bar where Mackey drank (Joe K’s Brew House?) now considered reputable?
C)   What about the bars that feed Leighton so much alcohol that cops are pulled off their beat to take him home. Would you call these owners reputable?

The point here is the law needs to be applied evenly. There are far worse than Greco and these people should be included in any discussion regarding license revocations,