Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What is a suck hole? Meet Bill Barrett

City Charter 3:10 says: Council shall have the power, by ordinance, to make or cause to be made, investigations, audits or studies of the affairs of the City and the conduct of any City department, office or agency.


1)  He has started no legitimate investigation into Gas Gate, Cars for Cash, or "Credit Union" gate.

(2) Hasn't helped a single LAG stolen car victim. I have helped more victims than the entire city of Wilkes-Barre. This is how thick the corruption is.

(3) As police chief, he was known to "snuff out" dui's with dipsomaniac Magistrate Marty Kane.

(4)  He tried to cover recently for the LCCC president who hit a car and fled and wouldn't answer police knocks at his home. Fortunately, the LCCC board showed integrity and leadership when they took away the President's car and his raise. One wonders why LCCC keeps Barrett if they don't trust his judgment?

(5)  He continually tries to take away speakers' rights at City Council meetings and routinely throws out individuals who have proven harmless. This is why I ask residents - if you have something important to say - please give to to me. You will reach around 1,000 people rather than being ignored by a bunch of corruption conspirators

In upcoming blogs... I will ask and try to answer what role (if any) did the following have in preventing known corruption? Solicitor Tim Henry, Solicitor Bill Vinsko, Bernie Merginhausen, Kathy Kane, Marie McCormick, Drew McLaughlin, Liza Prokop, Greg Barrouk, Mike Merritt  etc... 

What does it say about the solicitors, the city manager, and City Council and that on their watch:
(A) The police station is stormed and raided by FBI
(B) The credit union is stormed and subpoena'd.
(C)  A Federal Grand Jury is convened
(D)  Gas Gate is taken over by the FBI
(E)  The head of the Scranton FBI promises arrests are forthcoming.
(F)  Tragically, the credit union president kills himself over what the head of the Scranton FBI calls "corruption circulating around Wilkes-Barre. He was both a victim and a witness."

Is anybody going to believe that people worked in city hall for 8 years and were clueless about corruption? I think not.