Friday, April 4, 2014

Plenty of blood on Dessoye's hands


In a times Leader article (03/04/2014), Dessoye states how there have been no murders this year.

Well... lest we forget, The credit union manager murdered himself... presumably due to dirty loans by Dessoye's police force. FBI Director Quinn said, "In my opinion, what led to Mr. Payne killing himself was the corruption circulating around Wilkes-Barre."

The chief, distraught over this man who spent years working in city hall, decided to have a booze party in the police station just six days after Payne's death. You are a class guy, Gerard Dessoye!

And let us not forget the woman, Karen Bielman, who died at the drug house Dessoye was protecting... the one run by his "heroin honey." 

(Name/picture changed to protect family)

Received my 28th letter lewd, disgusting, and threatening letter today. Thank you FF Chief Hunsinger and FF Mayor Tuzinski for all YOU DON'T DO

28 (yes... 28!!) of these crude letters and you do NOTHING.
ALL I am guilty of is not liking you (and telling the truth).
You are setting your self up for one helluva lawsuit.

I am another victim of the "death loop" below.
Replace WB Police with FF Police.