Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hats off to Rodano's and Burt & Urby's

Hats off to Rodano's and Burt & Urby's

Thank you for helping Anthony Gipson through your gracious offers. Anthony is still healing and may not be his old self right now and may not be the most productive employee. But you folks looked beyond the dollars and cents and did the right and charitable thing. May your businesses be blessed! 

FYI... Anthony Gipson nearly beaten to death after tripping and falling and being mauled by the animal below (Mackey). Mackey pleaded guilty this week to the assault.

The consequences of Mackey's actions have been devastating to Anthony Gipson's family.
I have lost count as to how many surgeries Anthony has had.

A key issue is his larynx. Anthony has trouble speaking and may lose his voice.
To make matters worse, his brother was hit by a car and received a compound fracture on his leg.

Keep this family in your prayers... or help out if you can.

Anthony Gipson