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Summary of letters (all of them) written for Mericle below...

To see ALL of the finished letters Click HERE.  Give it 10 seconds to load. Then you can scroll down.

2009 letter writers (in red below) deserve forgiveness since so much more has become known in 5 years.  

Recent letter writers... it's Easter. Rather than expressing how I actually feel let me just say that supporting this serial briber and harmer of children is despicable. I pray that God has mercy on your souls.

Go here  for letter from WB Taxpayers Association. Go to top of posts.

Recent letter writers - Assignments for you:

1) Take Rob Mericle to the "KIDS FOR CASH" movie. Ask him why he didn't stop this scam as it was happening (he has already plead guilty to knowing about it).

Still unsure? Ask him why he gave one million dollars to a Judge and then tried to hide it through multiple wires. All undeclared. This was at the beginning.

$2 Million Total.

2) Ask him if he is willing to apologize to all the honest businessmen he hurt... people and families he took down as he fraudulently profited from decades of bribes.

3) Lastly... for those he "helped." Why do you think that an honest business person making the same money wouldn't have helped you the same if not more? Is only "dirty" money worth having?



Page #'s from big file / Person / general relation / Year written       
PAGE 2  
Kim Mericle    Wife    (written in 2014)
Marie Mericle  Mother    (written in 2014
Atty Kimberly Borland   Cousin by marriage    2009
Atty Ruth Slamon Borland   Cousin     2009
Ortodontist  Penny Mericle   Sister   2014
Larry Stirewait    brother-in-law    NA

PAGE 13 
Jeanne Elinsky    Mother-in-law    NA
Joe Elinsky    Fatherer-in-law    NA
New Hampshire  Atty Linda Slamon    Cousin   (written in 2009
Tracy Lagalante    First Cousin to Kim Mericle    2009
Dr Anthony Lagalante  Chemistry Professor @ Villanova   2009
Bradley Lorah   Widowed father in W-B      2009

PAGE 27 
Karen C Dussinger    Former Employee    2009
Maty Jo Sebia    Husban works for Mericle    2013
Rhys Evans    Sub Contractor for Mericle    2012
Dr Ira Grossman     Urologist        2009
Erin McLaughlin Griffin    Employed by Mericle Marketing team  NA
Guy Rothery    elementary school friend      2012

PAGE 39 
William Obeid    Owner Abe’s hot dogs    NA
Mary T Maloney McGinley   Taught Rob 33 years ago at Meyers HS    2009
Donald Gilbert    Retired PP & L worker    2013
Teresa Hustey    Luzerne Intermediate Unit # 18     2014
Ron Rowlands    Employee at Westmoreland Club    NA
Mary Louise and Rick Harris    Teaches W-B School District    2012

Molly McLaughlin Hoegan    Childhood friend with Kim Mericle    2009
Frank Hoegem    W-B Attorney      2009
Maureen Moran Bufalino   Married to Atty Charles Bufalinio     2009
Tony Raineri    Childhood friend; Medicine Shoppe    2012
Patricia Leighton    Tom Leighton’s wife    2009
John Nargoski    Childhood friend    2010

Todd C Moules    Friend from Junior High  2009
Robert Frodsham    Local banker    NA
Stephen Barrouk    Mericle emoloyee    2013
James Gallagher    Helped out at hardware store    NA
Lavern Idgunji    Neigbor    2013
Carol  A Anstett    Neighbor    2009

David M Payne Jr    Class mate    NA
Endre Krajcsovics     His daughter employed by Mericle    2009
John Bonk    Helped Mericle family in 1972 flood    2009
Dr. Doug Coslett    Gynecologist    2013
Rosalie Caffrey Hourigan     Friend    2009
Atty Dave Scwager and wife Laurie    Friends    2014

Don Cortese    Business Associate    NA
Douglas Keiper   AS VP held brokerage  for Mericle Real Estate    2013
Robert Engel, M.D.    Family Doctor    2009
John J. Anstett    retired Chief Assessor for Luzerne County    2009
Carol Ann Raup Smith  Former High School Classmate   2014
Heleen Stoevelaar    au-pair for Mericle family in 1998     2013

Phil Reinert    General Manager of Banko Beverage    2013
Catherine Hilsher    Luzerne Cty Dep Dir of the Office of Community Devt
Jayne Cushner    Hish School friend    2013
Penny Gunningham    Founder Candy’s Place    2009
Dr Drank A Bucci    Lease/Lessee relationship    2014
Juanita Namey    Childhood friend    2014
Anthony D. English, Jr    Exec Director CYC    2009
Gary and Katie Lambert    Friends     NA

PAGE 110
Philip G. Decker    Local Businessman     2012
Kathleen Mathews    Pres Junior Achievement    2009
Melissa Turlip    Pres (co-pres?) Junior Achievement    2012
James Thomas    Executive Director    2009
Patrice R Pesico    Wyo Valley Health Care System Advisory Board    2009
Kate Britton    Involvement with YMCA camp and Camp Kresge   NA

PAGE 120
Gretchen Sevison    Executive Assistant WB YMCA    2013
Michael B. McElhinney    Director of Camping Service YMCA Camp   2013
Frank M. Henry     The Martz Group    2009
Durelle T Scott    InterMountain Medical Group  YMCA Board    2013
Joseph D Burke    Pisston and WB Chambers of Commerce    2009
Rev. Msgr. Thomas V. Banick   St Mary’s Church   2009

PAGE 130
Sister Dolores M. Banick, IHM   2010
Rev. Thomas J. O'Hara    President King’s College     2009
Rita Bevan   Exec Assiatant   St. Mary's  Church   2014
Dr Kip Nygren    President Wyo Seminary  2009
Randolph I Granger   Dean Wyo Seminary  2009
Michael S Rifkin  Children’s Service Center  2009

PAGE 140
Joseph DeVizia    Children’s Service Center      2002
Michael   MacDowell Pres       Misericrdia   Univ 2009
Eugene Brady    Teacher    2014
Susan Sordoni  MD    2014
Carmen Ambrosino   Wyo Valley Drug and Alcohol Services  (He knows Rob’s personal inventory?... what a crock)  
Carol Crane         Professional Fundraiser   2014

PAGE 149
Garty Greenfield   Pa Dept of Env Protection    2013
Keith Martin   Former WBRE Commentator    2009
Sister Marie Larkin    2009
William Jones    Pres and CEO  United Way    2012
William Kelly   Pres WVIA     2012
Andy Tuzinski   FF Mayor     NA

PAGE 162
Matthew Schooley   FF Cemetery Assoc    2024
Luz Cty Flood Protec Authority   James Brozena   Exec Director
Gail McGovern   American Red Cross   2012
Ed  illegible   American Red Cross   2011
Nora Donato    Merickle dated  her niece    2013
Kyle Drendall     Employee of Mericle  2012

PAGE 172
Aldo Sartorio    Barber    2014
Judy Stevenson   flood victim   2013
Erin Gallgher   mother of 5    2013
Sokach  family   daughter goes to Wyo Seminary    2013
John Wesolowski   VP  Milazzzo Industries    2014
Stephen M Lawrence DMD        Dentist    NA

PAGE 181
Thomas J Allardyce    Mericle employee    2013
Patti Drendall   flood victim    2013
Clifford Melberger    long time friends    2013
Joe Chacke   FF Council    2011
Charles J. Cheskiewicz    DNAeadSolid Simulations, Inc   
Rob Sutkowski    Valley Air Conditioning Inc    2009
Timothy J Yurek     Insurance Agent   2012

PAGE 190
Joseph Durkin    Business Associate    2009
Vincent  J  Matteo    Pres Lycoming Chamber    2009
Steven Doherty    Businness Associate   2012
Glen D. Steele   CEO  Geisinger   2009
Karen Campbell    Mericle tenant   2013
Michael P. Gaetano    Insurance  Agent     NA

PAGE 201
Rosemary Dessoye    Pittson Chamber    2009
Timothy Burns    Midlantic Engineering    2012
Lawrence T Alexander    friend of family  2009
James  A  Kearns  Tenant to mericle   2009
Jack Kiefer    Business Associate   NA
Austin Burke    Scranton Chamber  2009

PAGE 214
Kevin O’Donnell   CAN DO Hazleton Econ Devt   2009
Rebecca Kelm    Business Associate    2013
Stephen Yokimihyn   Govermor’s Action Team   NA
John Pacovsky    YMCA worker    2013
Mary Sheehy    Dundee Gardens    NA
Michael Lombardo   Pa school districts    2013

PAGE 225
Daniel Nulton    Landmark Bank    2009
Patrick Sammon   Real estate broker  did work for Mericle  2009
John Gadomski        Regional Council of Carpenters    2009
Wm Kudrako    Landmark Construction    2013
Daniel Naylor    Mericle employee    2014
Debra Bracklow    Controller at mericle real estate (What she must know!)  2012

PAGE 235
Kathy McLaughlin Coslett    friend    2013
Joseph Onzik    Sons of American Legion    NA
Robert L Besecker Jr    Employee    2012
James Middleton    employee     NA
Robert Gavlick     employee    2013
Bryan McManus   employee   2012
Don Middleton    employee    2012
Jim Hilsher    employee    2012
Daniel T Connely    employee    NA
Lewis Sebia   Counsel to Mericle    2009 (His atty writes a letter?)

PAGE 255
Jennifer Kebles   CFO  Mericle   (basically a blackmail letter to the Judge...
… look how much harm you will do if you imprison him … yada yada yada )

PAGE 257
James A Cummings    employee    2012
Joe Dimaggio    employee    2012
Peg Dwyer    employee    2012
Albert Guari    employee    2014
Bill Lewinsky    employee    2013
Scott Frask   employee   2013

PAGE 269
Tracy Draus    employee    2012
Karen Kutch    employee    NA
Donald Ragukas    employee        NA
Daniel Franchetti    employee    2012
William A Jones Jr    employee    2012
Joseph J Hourigan   extended family member

PAGE 280
Sheryl Weaver    employee    2014
Stanley Fimowicz    employee    2012
Thomas R Chesnick    employee   2012
Stepeh Durk   employee      NA
Tania Reinert    employee    2012
John Diel    employee   NA

PAGE 291
Hillary Pursell    employe    2012
Michael Gallagher    employee    2012
Robert Waseleski   employee    NA
Karen Stefanelli    employee    2012

From Times Leader Comments:
Every one of the letters in support of "Magic Mericle" is in one way or another connected to the "Miracle Worker," has or will get benefits like jobs, consultant fees, appraisal fees, and favors in zoning or some other nefarious benefit !! They all should be indicted AND ashamed of themselves !! Follow The Money !! Or jobs, or those who fear getting caught by being ratted out by Mericle. If he got ten years , he would be squealing about All the others !!
The judges are All , including Federal , State, and local, for their jobs just for being allowed to be considered to run or get an appointment for JudgeShip !!
A kid who steals from a Gas station or sells drugs, gets more time than our "Honorable Thief !! And all assets forfeited But, Alas Bobby will not do it again, AND he gets to keep his BILLION Dollars in assets, developed with Bribes, "Finders " fees! and who knows what !!
I hereby Nominate Mericle Man for our " THIEF EXECUTIVE " of the Century !!
Pardon me while I Hurl !! All over his shoes !!


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