Wednesday, April 25, 2018


CLICK  Here  for 100 Red Flags

CLICK HERE for corrupt FBI AGENT Adam Granit

CLICK HERE for corrupt Anti trafficking Non-Profit BHTC

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1. About Me HERE   NB web site (watered down since I exposed them) HERE  
2. Contacts / Address / Estimated Revenues   (pending)
3. 100 RED FLAGS   100 % Statistical Proof of sex trafficking HERE    
4. Explanatory Diagrams, Graphs, and Flow Charts HERE
5. NB’s own pics of Transgender youth (“patients”) and “interns” HERE
6. Details on NB / Corporate info, property info etc. HERE
7. Miscellaneous info on NB, Gratitude Training, & BDSM empire HERE
7. STUNNING STATS HERE.  Source for trafficking info HERE 
8. Gratitude Training student recruited into the ring. See HERE 

(2)   GRATITUDE TRAINING (GT)  (Gratitude Training LLC)

      1.A. Drug relapses and a death…     HERE    
    1.B. About me...    HERE
  2.  Contacts / Address / Estimated Revenues... HERE
       3. Actual Exercises in GT…    HERE

   4. A must see! Diagrams and Flow charts  HERE

5. A brainwashed woman poses for food and cash   HERE

6. The Art of Mind Control   HERE

7. GT is based on manipulation HERE

8. A View from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)  HERE

9. What exactly is GT?  HERE   

More Information about GT (continued below)

10. Videos / Explicit nude pictures within GT  HERE  

11.  GT Founder:  Smear/ Bully/ “Dig up dirt” campaign  HERE

12. Media coverage of my Lawsuit against GT   HERE

13. Unreported HACK within GT / All personal info compromised  HERE

14. A Suicide / Heroin OD / Heroin Relapse / Psychotic "Break" / Bullying a man w Alzheimer's   Some covered HERE

15. Back up Detail on corporations, ownership  HERE  

16. Join my FB Group  HERE

17. Comments from “Cult Education Institute”  HERE  and  HERE and HERE

18. GT links to the opiate-like substance "KRATOM" and Kava Sutra bars HERE

(3) BDSM Empire (“Beyond")   HERE   

(4)  Diamond Coaching / Consulting  HERE  (both on one post)
(5) Many Stats & Facts. First you will see an explanation of the broken system and a solution. Click HERE