Monday, May 12, 2014

All the corruption I could think of... just in WB

DEAR READER: Please share this blog post with those outside the area so they have a sense of how Wilkes-Barre has fallen into a shameful, debauched, and corrupted society. IT IS BREATHTAKING.

Do you know where it started? With addiction. No lie. These are the results when your Mayor and police chief are chemically addicted and the crony "yes men" and council members are too weak to tell them the truth or get them help. Ultimately of course the addict is responsible for their behavior.

-             Leo Glodzik takes bait money from a sting set up against him
-   He splits money with state police (or FBI agent) by saying, "It is   eleven o'clock." Glodzik then offer $1,100. 

-         67,000 gallons missing
-         Leighton caught in photo taking gas he was not entitled to
-         Leighton admits to taking gas

-         Auto theft ring
-         Price Gouging
-         Bribe cars given out to cops (Mercedes, Dodge Ram, Mustang and more..)
-         Alleged Kickbacks (Allegedly cops took a per centage of the towing fee)
-         Insurance Fraud (Glodzik gave me instructions on how to do this when I was towed)
-         Tax Evasion (multiple liens)
-         Glodzik Home Foreclosure
-         G Dessoye breaks towing contract and doesn’t keep any LAG records
-         Feds raid police station for records (if any exist)

-         When subpoena’d, Manager commits suicide
-         Alleged Bank Fraud
-         WNEP TV: Allegedly cops using VIN #’s on stolen LAG cars for loans

-         On one end, Hughes has authority to have cars towed to LAG
-         On other end, he allegedly sold LAG cars on consignment at A1 Auto

-         Allegedly no inspections on properties for years
-         This saves Landlord inspection fees, eviction costs, repair costs on 170 units.
-         Question is raised: Who received a kickbacks to allow this to occur?

-        Parking Authority allegedly was pressured to hire Atty Fox Rothschild
-         Patrick Murphy gets paid through Fox Rothschild at $300 per hour
-         Murphy and other attorneys collect between $700 – $900 per hour
-         Approximately $100,000 is completely wasted as project is jettisoned
-         Records have been subpoena’d

-         Leighton offered properties for sale secretly to Glodzik
-         Said properties sold at “give-away” rates

-         Grand Jury to meet to investigate Hotel Sterling $6 million debacle

-         Two PFA’s granted against Leo Glodzik
-         Alecsandra O’donohue files false accusations against Glodzik and fails in her attempt. No penalty levied for false accusations

Million Dollar Gate
-         Million Dollars funneled through charity for WB fire trucks
-         Leighton nor controller disclose at the time; hidden for years

Personal Trainer Gate
-         Leighton hires personal trainer Liza Prokopf as city spokesman
-         She is hired despite a current spokesman (Drew Mc-Laugh-Lin)
-         Question: Why can’t Chief Dessoye and Mayor Leighton speak for themselves?

-         John Majikes is driving with illegal LAG tags for years
-         Not one officer reports this!
-         I get cited for trespassing for taking a picture (by Brian Gist)

-         Stacks of complaints regarding drug house are ignored (I’ve seen them)
-         Chief Gerard Dessoye is allegedly having trysts with the “heroin honey.”
-         This “honey,” Catherine Meehan served time in prison for attempted murder
-         C Meehan stabbed a pregnant woman in the stomach
-         QUESTION: Would Dessoye protect her if not for sex and or drugs such as pain killers?

Look at all of the above. Everybody surrounding Leigton and Dessoye
are guilty of "failing to report a crime." This is what Mericle was guilty of.

I honestly hope federal Agents hold everybody accountable for what they knew... from the "spokes-jokes"... to the attorneys... to the controller... to Barrouk and McCormick.. to the cops who arrest citizens for bad tags but give one of the own a two year break. 

     They are ALL DIRTY in my opinion. Filthy PIGS!

          I have heard multiple reports that the following are massively addicted individuals.

          Mayor Leighton
-         Has had to have police drive him home
-         Was seen this weekend at Casino drinking 6-7-8-9 etc glasses of beer

Gerard Dessoye
-         When I heard of his “heroin honey” exploits I tried to get him help (as much as one citizen can)
-         He would have none of it

What I believe needs to happen:
1)   City Council needs to “grow a set” and either have Leighton get help or fire him.

2)   Leighton can then have Dessoye get help

As it stands now an active alcoholic will not help get someone sober.

If City Council President Bill Barrett cannot take on this very serious medical issue – then he clearly is not set to lead when/if Leighton goes to prison.

Like he is on many serious, Barrett is in denial.

Addiction is a life and death issue.