Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Glodzik's rap sheet (partial)

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In the Times Leader piece HERE.  Sklarosky (Glodzik's attorney) writes in submitted court documents...

That for the past three (3) to four (4) years Defendant has regularly appeared in the Times Leader and Citizens Voice in newspaper articles chronicling various legal issues, including: 

a. The alleged theft in the above-referenced matter; 
b. PFAs that have been filed against the Defendant; 

c. Defendant's alleged failure to maintain a bridge he owns in Exeter Township; 
d. FBI investigations involving the Defendant's business practices; 

e. Defendant loaning luxury cars to members of the Wilkes-Bane Police Department; 
f. Defendant's alleged connection to the FBI investigation of the Wilkes-Bane City 
Employees Federal Credit Union; 

g. Wilkes-Bane City Council investigation of Defendant's business practices, 
including statements made by Councilman George to terminate contract with the City 

h. Defendant's involvement in a lawsuit relating to his attempt to purchase the Old 
River Road Bakery; 

i. Defendant's towing contract with the City of Wilkes-Bane being suspended as a 
result of the abovecaptioned matter; and 

j. Defendant allegedly not paying the City of Wilkes-Bane on time for his towing