Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prosecute the False Accuser

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Charges should be filed against Aleksandra O'Donohue for filing a false PFA.

Setting aside what Glodzik has done in the past... the inference that he put her in the hospital was not fair to Glodzik. This put him through a week of hell as we awaited the outcome by Judge Burke.

It also cast a bad light on the police... that maybe they lied. That maybe they were covering for Glodzik. 

The reality appears to be that Officers Casey and Gribble were honest in their dealings. This situation was not fair to them as I know them to be two of our more outstanding policemen.

The false allegations smear everyone close to the situation. Here, this girl walks away with immunity. 
- She should pay for Glodzik's attorney
- She should pay for court time
- She should be charged with a crime.

 People who abuse the PFA process (a favorite among custody matters) should be charged if their accusations are meritless. The attorneys who encourage clients with this dirty process should also be charged.

The PFA is used as the "weapon of choice" by divorce attorneys who try and rip children away from the father.

There is a courthouse office designated for PFA's only. This is ridiculous. FILING FALSE CHARGES IS A CRIME!!

Is anyone comfortable with Glodzik calling the police "he wants" by calling their private cell numbers? There needs to be a policy in place where there is no favoritism. As it stands now... Glodzik calls his police buddies and everyone else must call 911.

When Glodzik damaged my car three years ago he was on the phone with his police buddies before I had time to call the police myself. I can't believe after all he's done that he still gets away with this!