Wednesday, May 14, 2014


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Oh yes you are, Leo.

I tried to buy the car below back for Senta Boyer for $3,200. Glodzik wouldn't give it back. 

Why? Was it because the VIN # was being used by a cop for a fraudulent loan? 

I received word from Senta Boyer, the first LAG victim I helped. She lives in North North Carolina now... but was catching up on the news of Glodzik. Here is verbatim the E Mail she sent me.

HI MARK!!!!! IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME THEY SHUT HIS ASS DOWN!!! Just read the news about his last year arrest...smh. I see his greediness finally caught up with up him. GOOD. I hope they take him for everything.

Another stolen car....

Theft through illegal pricing (gouging)...