Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why does Leighton get a free pass?

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Tick... tick... tick...   the legal clock is running.

Where are the results of the "internal investigation" that
 Leighton and presumably corrupt city council members were working on?

Does the investigation belong to the people?

Or was it all one big hoax?

News presss... the people have a right to know.

Why does Leighton get s free pass?

According to article (link below), Sklarosky asserted, "The FBI set Glodzik up on "bogus theft charges," but did not immediately arrest him. Instead, they held the theft charges "over his head" because their real target was Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton."

Warning: Both Sklarosky and Glodzik possess a disability most common to these parts: The "veracity challenged."

Citizens Voice article  Here.



Kevin's Law Will Read like this or very close to this if legislated!

"Any individual who flees the scene of an accident after hitting a victim will automatically serve a mandatory minimum of three years in prison, which is consistent with the vehicular homicide charge while DUI. "

This will close the unconscionable loophole where a drunk driver is rewarded by fleeing the scene.