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§ 3921. Theft by unlawful taking or disposition.
(a) Movable property.--A person is guilty of theft if he unlawfully takes, or exercises unlawful control over, movable property of another with intent to deprive him thereof.

1) unlawfully takes (cash in ash tray)
2) movable property (again, the cash)
3) of another (cash belongs to Commonwealth of Pa)
4) intent to deprive (Glodzik intended to deprive the commonwealth of PA)



reviewed in Kobby's garage



(The report is also posted on with photos)

This is all about getting poor people back in their cars so they can care for their families. How many people have lost jobs because their cars were commandeered? Profits are being made off the backs of the backs of the poorest, most vulnerable, and most defenseless citizens.

The city is willfully and knowingly breaking their written contract with L.A.G. Towing. This grievously harms the public. Due to illegal predatory pricing (2-3 times normal rate), towed cars have been, in effect, stolen and later sold.

Would a city knowingly break its contract and allow these obscene prices to exist if they didn’t stand to benefit? Of course not. Would they arbitrarily favor a Tow owner who tried to head-butt a cop in September? Of course not. There is money involved. This is why there must be an investigation/audit.

Simply put - where are these hundreds of thousands of dollars going?

cc’d… or to be cc’d: FBI - Scranton and Philadelphia Division; Pa Office of Inspector General; IRS - Criminal Investigation Division; Office of the Governor; Pa Senators and Representatives; State Attorney’s Office; Luzerne County DA and Assistant DA’s; Chiefs of Police – other jurisdictions; Luzerne County Judicial Candidates; Selected Federal Judges including Richard Caputo; Luzerne County Commissioners; Local Magistrates and Judges; Major Local Law Firms; County officials; WILK radios’ Mike Corbett and Sue Henry; Citizen’s Voice; Times Leader; ACLU, NAACP others as per my discretion

What a retired/former Judge said about my report: "From a private citizen, this is one of the most well documented reports I have ever seen. The person that put this together is of very high intelligence. If even half of what he states is true, a lot of people are going to be in a lot of trouble."
Verbatim voice message from a veteran of Wilkes-Barre politics who is concerned with the issues I address: “Mark, I have never seen a document so well prepared in my life. You should be working for the Justice Department. This is unbelievable. You are like a gift from Heaven.”

“Evil reigns when good people do nothing.” This is about poor people getting towed and ultimately losing their cars due to predatory pricing and storage fees. The city benefits at the incredibly ill fortune of its residents. $100’s of thousands are at stake. Based upon my research, my horrific experience with the W-B Police, money being passed from a city tower to the city and mayor’s office, predatory and exploitive pricing, and possible kickbacks and/or bribes that may be occurring… I ask that the following parties be investigated and audited:


2)       L.A.G. TOWING  Leo Glodzik III; 307 Carey Street  W-B  Pa 18702  (570) 270-6659
PROBABLE CAUSE and SUSPICIONS    This report is NOT a prosecutorial report. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" does not apply here. That is not my job. My job is to create suspicion and "probable cause" so that an investigation can begin. I believe I easily pass this hurdle. The incident on June 1 involved my car being towed for being too close to a crosswalk (and expired tags). My only complaint was due to the damage to my car and a 911 call when Leo Glodzik got in my face because I took pictures.

POLICE INTIMIDATION (see sections V and VI… it’s unbelievable) Within the bigger picture, I also have first-hand knowledge of a fraud scheme that L.A.G. offered to me and that W-B Sergeant "Rage-aholic" Rick Harding condoned (see section IV). The four police officers that showed up at L.A.G. Towing on June 1 did their best to intimidate me and even threaten me with jail (even though I was simply calling to get an incident report after my car was damaged). The towing owner, Leo Glodzik, was screaming in my face when I took pictures. I called 911 to report his threatening and menacing behavior. Despite the fact that Glodzik has a violent past (including an attempt to head-butt a policeman), the four cops that showed didn’t even address the 911 call! The obvious question is: Why are the police defending L.A.G. with such ferocity? They protected Glodzik like goons protecting a rogue dictator.

PRICE FIXING   The City has admitted to predatory pricing! Believe it or not this is true. Predatory pricing and price fixing are one and the same. The city has already implicated themselves. The 9/10/11 Citizen’s Voice says, “Wilkes-Barre: As council prepares to vote on a predatory towing ordinance next week… (brought up was that) the company (L.A.G.) couldn’t charge more than $125…” They themselves labeled the pricing as predatory! The city allowed the current “rigged” prices to stand which provides L.A.G. obscene profit margins – and leaves plenty of money to pay kickbacks. Can it be any crazier?

VIOLATION OF CITY CONTRACT    The city and police willfully choose to exploit and scam the public. I have a copy of the contract. The contract states (verbatim) that the "Contractor is permitted to charge its own fees... provided so long as the same are reasonable and according to the standards of the industry generally." I saw receipts from the old city contracted tower. Most of the receipts were for $ 75... and we've has essentially 0% inflation since that time. L.A.G. charges $200 (days) and $250 (nights). Their competitor (Falzone’s) was quoted at $ 93. This 170% difference, this $157 margin… leaves ample room for kickbacks and/or bribes. That is why the city didn’t act on its predatory towing ordinance! Greed.

KICKBACKS    Why would the city knowingly and willfully break its own contract which overwhelmingly helps an unseemly tow operator if they weren't benefitting themselves? They wouldn't. Allow me to define kickback... A kickback is a portion or a percentage of income given to a person in a position of power or influence (city/police) as payment for having made the income possible (through allowance of predatory pricing). This fits like a glove.  Given the facts... it would be utterly nonsensical for there not to be kickbacks! A good independent audit would unearth missing monies. Can we have one please?

BRIBERY   can be defined as anyone who gives public servants money or other valuables in exchange for services in a specified way. This fits. The “specified way” is the allowance of L.A.G. to fix prices at predatory levels up to $250 (in violation of the city contract which calls for normal rates at least 1/2 of $250). The fact that the Mayor takes money from Glodzik and allows the city contract to be broken in Glodzik's favor is a bribe in itself. And this doesn't count for any unseen money flowing under the table. 

TAX EVASION    This might ultimately be the easiest to prove. Any undeclared income – either legally or illegally earned – is considered tax evasion (to include kickbacks and bribes).   
Piecing together a number of documents, what follows is the likely exchange. If the police had treated me civilly on June 1st, then I would have gone away quietly. But their verbal brutality spoke volumes of what laid beneath their posturing. Something wasn’t right.

WILKES-BARRE CITY/ POLICE GETS:    A) $50,050 contract fee    B) Money to Mayor Leighton from Leo Godzik of L.A.G. Towing (Campaign or otherwise)   C) Kickbacks - Any money “under the table” or “outside the contract” as a "favor" for allowing L.A.G. to fix prices at stratospheric levels. As observed, it would be utter nonsense for there not to be kickbacks. D) Captain Bob Hughes sold cars on consignment for L.A.G. at a car lot on Blackman Street which provided three licenses for his family.
This would make the scam cover a full circle… from the “front end” to the “back end.”
1)      Police request a car to be towed. L.A.G tows the vehicle.
2) Kickbacks probably enter the picture right about here (their existence is more important than the timing)
3) L.A.G. either reaps an obscene towing fee… or seizes the car if fees can’t be met
4) L.A.G. further holds the car “ransom” through exorbitant storage fees
5) Police captain Bob Hughes (Lieutenant at the time) then sold the cars on a different lot (Blackman St.)

Thus, the POLICE (with L.A.G.’s help) effectively seize, steal, and later sell citizens’ cars.

L.A.G. TOWING GETS:    A)  Aggressive towing from police    B) the right to "price fix" as high as $250 (nights) for a tow (170 % above market).   C) The right to make insane profits… way more than competitors.
THE VICTIM (PUBLIC) GETS   A)  Betrayal of officials    B)  Harm due to predatory pricing    C)  Public pays storage fees for cars if they don’t have the money to cover the towing fees    D)  Public may lose their cars which are up for sale at $0 cost (talk about a profit margin!).    E) The public is stolen from through the price fixing and kickbacks/bribes. It all comes out of the pockets of the public. F)   Loss of Trust due to prejudicial police malfeasance (like the completely one-sided prejudice/favoritism to L.A.G. Towing I encountered) and city/police corruption. 

POLICE LIES   As mentioned in the caption of the picture of the police cruiser. I caught Officer Kenneth Jones in a huge lie at the Police station (June 16). He's in the driver seat in the police cruiser picture (also see E mail to FBI below in section XIII). There were four cops at the scene... but I only knew the names of Jones and Sergeant "Rage-aholic" Rick Harding. I asked Jones for the names of the other two officers. He lied. He had the audacity to lie and tell me there were only two cops present at the June 1 incident - he and Sergeant "Rage-aholic" Rick Harding. Well unfortunately for Jones, my son reminded me I had a picture on my phone. Jones is in the driver's seat in the picture. I guess he forgot he had a partner or forgot he was talking to the cop leaning on his cruiser. The cop leaning against the car (# 45) is the one who said to me "I don't give a fuck about your car." Jones didn’t just lie – he stacked his lies. See section XIII. His bold-faced lies are in itself a form of corruption. Make no mistake. It's not a laughing matter. The fact the he felt compelled to lie is indicative of his desire to hide something. What’s he hiding?

RUNAROUND    I have asked twice for the June 1st police report. Twice I was denied. I was told to come back "tomorrow" twice. Why couldn’t they give it to me “today?” Why the runaround? This is yet another piece of evidence for police malfeasance. Do they not want me to see the report because it has been doctored to make me look bad?

UNFAIR PROFITS    At the prices L.A.G. charges, ample money is made to accommodate both kickbacks and profits for Glodzik. At the rigged, predatory prices L.A.G. charges, Glodzik makes 2-3 times the normal rate. If the city didn’t allow L.A.G. to rip off the public – then the city and/or police wouldn’t get their kickbacks. It is also of note that the W-B Police chief’s secretary’s husband worked at L.A.G. for six years.

Now can you understand what he cops bullied me and intimidated me in front of L.A.G. towing?  For whatever reason, I must have posed a threat to the scam and any kickbacks. The bias they showed was astounding. Three of the cops had private "pow wows" with Leo Glodzik and I was told by Officer Kenneth Jones, "You disgust me." I felt like I was pitted against the mob.

SCRANTON FBI IS COMPROMISED    No wonder why Mayor Leighton is so cocky that he taunts people at City Council meetings. The FBI is “in his hip pocket.” Scranton FBI Agent Joe Noone attended a “Leighton for Senate party” and Noone has been seen out to dinner with the W-B Police Chief Dessoye. Noone has effectively corrupted himself by taking part in these social events. These are people he is supposed to investigate! The Scranton FBI is entity to which I should report. It’s now compromised. See section XIV.

II.        “CARS FOR CASH” SCHEME HAMMERS THE POOR                 
What if you knew that the Wilkes-Barre police and/or city was profiting from a predatory pricing scheme that hurts the city’s poor in a very disadvantaged and devastating way?

What if you knew that the poor would be exploited in such a way that they’d have their cars taken (some for good)?

What if you knew that the towing yard charges outrageous “daily storage costs” for these cars?

What if you knew that, with no car, many of the poorest workers would lose their jobs?

What if you knew that these people have no voice, and would be intimidated into submission by the police?

With timely paperwork, a car can be sold from a lot in as little as two months! Like me, I hope this makes your “blood boil.”

CORRUPTION    By knowingly violating their contract with L.A.G., the city is engaged in corruption. Each tow of $200 or $250 is an act of corruption.  The city knows they are a cohort in the predatory pricing scheme but they do it anyway. All the money comes from the public.

One W-B official said the “city benefits from the contract.”  The city benefits? Off the backs of whom? Using predatory pricing to impound a poor resident’s car is not my idea of “benefitting the city.” It is more like “Robin Hood” in reverse.,, taking from the poor and giving to the cops and/or city. Has there been an independent audit of both the city/police and L.A.G.? This looks, sounds like, and smells like a despicable scheme. As you keep reading, keep your “antenna up” regarding evidence/probabilities of exploitation, kickbacks, and illicit transfers.

If a credit card audit unveiled Skrepenak charging hotel rooms and a County Jail official charging around $300 at a go-go club… why can’t we have an audit tracking the money of all these tows? And an audit to see if a police captain is selling cars from L.A.G.s lot?

Section 18 (f) of the city contract with L.A.G. says ”the Contractor shall provide to the chief of police an accurate and running log of all vehicles currently in storage; the tows made by the Contractor under this contract for the preceding month; and a copy of all inventories held. If requested, the Chief of Police is entitled to information pertaining to the amount of money collected under this or pursuant to this contract… and other information that the Administration or the Chief of Police find relevant to maintaining the integrity of the city.” Integrity of the city… forgive me while I laugh?

1)    Are these monthly logs and inventories being kept and reported?
2)    Since the police chief and administration are complicit in violating the city contract (predatory prices), they would have to recuse themselves and allow an independent auditor take over.
3)    The police chief has also compromised himself by having dinner(s?) with a man tasked to investigate him (Scranton FBI Agent Joe Noone).

IV.       FRAUD PROPOSITION  (Leo Glodzik III of L.A.G. towing)  
Despite the price gouging, I was compliant and calm with the tower. In fact I was so calm that Leo Glodzik offered to “cut me a deal.” The deal was: I can commit fraud to get the $200 back. Of course the money wouldn’t come out of his pocket. I declined his proposition of fraud. This is the “how to” of his scheme: 
1) Call AAA  
2) Tell them my car was overheated (a lie).  
3) Tell them my car was in the middle of the street (a lie).  
4) Tell them that police positioned a tow truck before the AAA truck could get there (a lie).   
5) File a claim with AAA to get the $200 back (false claim). (Therefore, technically, AAA could be getting “dinged” $200 every time that L.A.G. tows an AAA member.)
6) If there were any questions – have AAA call him (Leo) and he’d take care of it (lie on my behalf). This last issue (# 6) is critical in that it represents his active participation in the fraud and not just the instructions for it. I refused the invitation.
7) Sargent Harding later “laughed off” the scheme (described below).

I called the police because the tow destroyed my steering which cost $562 to fix. I called the police twice to get an incident/police report to document the damage done to my car. I also called them because Leo went apoplectic on me when I took some photos. He was in my face to the point his nose was nearly touching mine. I called 911 at this point for good cause because I thought he was going to assault me. According to Glodzik’s thug behavior this past year, I had good reason to be scared. The Citizen’s Voice reports:

09/10/10    “Leo Glodzik III, 39, the company's owner, faces assault, reckless endangerment, and driving under the influence charges. The charges stem from an incident Saturday where he allegedly attempted to head-butt a police officer after he rammed an ex-girlfriend's car while intoxicated in Kingston Township, according to police.”

01/12/11    “Kadluboski and Glodzik got into a heated argument in the parking lot of City Hall last Thursday, forcing police to intervene.”
01/12/11    “Kadluboski claims Glodzik approached him in a threatening manner, screamed and yelled at him, and made him afraid for his safety.” (This is EXACTLY what happened to me).”
Do you know what the police did when I called 911 reporting my fears of Glodzik potentially assaulting me?


I am sure the 911 tape is available (around 5 pm on June 1). All four police blew off my 911 call, No inquiry whatsoever. Leo Glodzik was shouting in my face to the point I thought he'd hit me. Why did they disregard my 911 call when we know that Leo Glodzik is already predisposed to violence? Within the last year he head-butted a cop! Why are the police so determined to protect this guy if there wasn’t something in it for them?  Instead of addressing me who made the call(s) – each cop that showed up met with Glodzik in a 5-10 minute “pow-wow.”
The police were only interested in hammering me into submission. If I could speak for them it would have been, “How dare you threaten our Kickback source! With no witnesses, we will now unleash our fury onto you and teach you a lesson!”

It became obvious that the police were going to protect the owner of the tow yard at all costs. It might as well have been Saddam Hussein and his Republican Guard... or perhaps they were guarding of the hope diamond.  The cops yelled, swore, and showed complete disdain for me. They tried to intimidate me into oblivion. It felt like "Rodney King" without the clubs. They were bating me to lose my temper. They were looking for the opportunity to jail me for disorderly conduct. Thank goodness I remained calm otherwise I would be in a much less credible position in writing this letter.        
Again, one must honestly ask, “What was so valuable about that tow yard that had the cops defend it like they were the secret service?” There must be something very, very valuable there.
Even though I initiated the phone calls to the police, the three police who showed (at separate times; Jones had a partner with him) chose to speak first with Leo, the owner of L.A.G., and told me to “get out.” Officer Kenneth Jones was first on the scene. He made up the story that he had to go the bathroom. He went inside, locked the outside door behind him (as opposed to the bathroom door), and spoke to Leo Glodzik (owner) for about 10 minutes. He never asked me for my side of the story. He “pow-wowed” behind a locked door.
When they did address me it resembled a verbal lynching. They hurled invectives at me and labeled me as guilty before I stated a word (in a case where I was only requested an incident report!).  At up to $250 per tow, only an idiot wouldn’t know what they were protecting.
Officer Kenneth Jones: “You disgust me.”
Officer Kenneth Jones: “I don’t want to have to look at your face”
Officer (Third on scene):  “I don’t give a fuck about your car.”
Sargent Rick Harding (4th on scene):  The Sargent saved the best for last. Like the others, he was near a blind rage. I told him directly, “I now know what it is like to be a black in the South in the 1930’s.”
He screamed at me, “The tower even gave you a break on the price (through the fraud scheme)!”
I said, “Yea… only if I lie.”
He then laughed it off.
This told it all. If he didn’t know what I was referring to, he would have said something like, “What are you talking about?” He would not have laughed it off.  Trust me folks – nobody gets a break on price. It’s $200 during the day and $ 250 at night. Leo told me himself that these prices were set in stone. If there were legitimate discounts – then why are there about 85 cars in his yard? The only “break” available was for me to commit fraud through AAA.  Sergeant Harding “laughing it off” was indicative of his knowledge of the scheme. We laugh when realize we realize the irony of things. I pointed out to him the irony of getting a “$200 price break” through fraud.
Sergeant Rick Harding (Rage-aholic Rick) actually told me, “You are lucky that the L.A.G. gave you back your car (after $ 200)… normally he’d tow it from the yard to your house (I guess at another $ 200… what in heck is the crazed guy talking about?)
Sergeant Rick Harding and his goons then invented a charge against me. They accused me of having no insurance… yet neither did they ever ask for it (for the record I was covered anyway). The cops were so biased it almost took on a surreal quality.
Sergeant Rick Harding, in what was almost comical if it wasn’t so serious, then accused me of being illegally parked near the tow yard because my damaged car was parked beside a yellow line. Guess who was parked on a yellow line behind me? The L.A.G. tow truck. Unbelievable. Nothing of course was mentioned to Leo Glodzik. I mean (some sarcasm) - if you are going to be crooked… at least try and hide it a little better!
Sergeant Rick Harding threatened me with jail and “toyed” with me on this one. There was no legitimacy to him even mentioning it. He just enjoyed playing the part of a bully who knew he couldn’t get caught. He threatened me… then pulled back. Then he did it again. He reminded me of a sick little boy who enjoys torturing animals.

Let’s remind ourselves again who is truly at risk. Consider the single mother of two who barely scrapes by with a minimum wage job. She gets towed. She doesn’t have $200. The rate goes up as the car sits there.  Suddenly she owes $ 400. She can’t get to work. She loses her job. Next is an economic death spiral. What is she to do?
Within the last year, I have started a ministry called “Grateful Hands.” The focus is helping families at risk of “going under.” I am picky. I help those who I know are living honest and righteous lives. I am not a saint – but I try where I can. Many single moms are in distress. Thanks mainly to the generosity of my brother, we have prevented electricity from being cut off to a family of four, we’ve helped a family with day care costs, and helped a single mom provide Christmas gifts for her four children. You are free to see our web site. These families would fall into a tailspin if they ever had to retrieve their cars out of. L.A.G.’s tow yard. The fact that this is OK with the police and/or the city is disgraceful. Public Servants? Protect and Serve? Give me a break.
I am also currently authoring a book called “Getting to Heaven” (Xulon Press; hopefully out for Christmas). It is a book designed to walk a Christian through the fundamentals. Some of it is posted on my Grateful Hands web site. The Bible tells us that we fight not only flesh, but instead the “principalities and powers of the unseen world.” I expect a huge “blow-back” from the un-Godly men I encountered. But I will stand my ground.
It occurred to me that our ministry could help far more people by taking on these dirty cops than I would by addressing one family at a time (the way I do it now). Getting many people back into their cars is more useful than trying to get someone into a new one. Ephesians 5:11 instructs us, “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.”
 My family has a good name in Wilkes-Barre. Four generations of “Robbins” have never been convicted of a crime.  Robbins Door and Sash Company was located under the South Street Bridge. This company earned money honestly. Never a scam. Never a scheme. My grandfather (Walter) has passed. My father (Bill) died in a hospice 9 months ago (cancer). They would be sickened by lack of character and integrity displayed by these cops. They never, ever treated people in this way. 
Folks, it is time for a moral gut check and a real good clean-up. Heads need to roll.
The math is staggering. I figured the revenues for the tow yard over $1,000,000. (one tow every 2 hours at an average price of $225 times 365 = $985,000 plus storage fees + car sales). One thing I learned… the police want their slice and will fight with ferocity to keep it. They are ready to intimidate. It is not the job of police, who supposedly “protect and serve,” to aggressively target parked cars and tow them to a yard that charges astronomical, predatory prices. The net result is that a person living on the edge is spun into a tailspin. The cops don’t give a damn because, hey, “they got theirs.” The city gets theirs as well. At $250/$200 per tow, and roughly $1 million in revenues – I am sure a lot of people eat a lot of pie.
Initially I was going to Mayor Leighton. But then I read (Citizen’s Voice) the city gets $50,050 from L.A. I also read that Leo Glodzik (L.A.G.) has given/gives a lot to Leighton’s campaign. I have heard the mayor is a nice man… but he can't be part of this investigation. He is in it. By inviting an FBI Agent (and his two brothers) to his political rally/final four party – he has also compromised the FBI.
WHERE’S THE MONEY?    If one assumes the police haven’t already (or will) dispose of their “orders to tow,” one could easily add these up, multiply by the price ($200 or $250), and calculate revenues. If this revenue figure doesn’t balance with what L.A.G. and the police have reported… then you have tax evasion and corruption on a massive scale (at least hundreds of thousands). The severity would make Skrepenak look like a choir boy.
Since the mayor is being fed and he’s atop the pyramid, like the commissioners currently convicted in Scranton, like the “cash for kids” scheme, federal investigators will need to be contacted. I am sure the IRS would be interested to see if Leo Glodzik declares all his revenue and if any money “kicked back” is being declared. For my own safety I will be notifying many local officials so if the cops decided to rough me up again – they will do it in the light instead of the dark. If anything happens to me or my home – I advise the community treat these goons as the top suspects.
As a Christian I have really wrestled with this letter. I at first asked for forgiveness for the way I was brutally treated by the police. I have come to see these officers in a more pathetic way. They are truly lost people. Really lost. They also won’t live long if they get that mad on a daily basis. Officer Kenneth Jones words ring in my ear (“You are disgusting!”). His true colors showed by what he was willing to yell at me knowing he “couldn’t get caught.” Believe it or not, I actually called the Sergeant and apologized to him by conceding it was more of a civil (vs. criminal) matter after all. Of course this doesn’t excuse his actions. I wouldn’t treat a dog the way he treated me. He is an anger machine.
If you ask a corrupt individual if they are guilty of corruption, there are two available answers.
1)    YES… I am guilty.  (1% chance?) 
2)    NO… I am not guilty – and my accuser is a liar! (99% chance)    . This would likely include defamation and slander.
A NOTE TO POLICE/CITY:  I have excellent relationships with my entire family including my ex-wife and two adopted boys. If you decide to slander/defame me to protect your hides – I will sue as fast as I can. This I will have no tolerance for. The “Robbins name” has been a good name going back at least century and I will not stand for dirty officials staining it to protect their evil acts.
“Man up” and admit what you have done.
I opted for this test because I didn’t want to endure the indignity of being violated again. Cops will certainly call me a liar before they admit to corruption. I don’t want to be told I am lying when I am not. I was up against a rabid gang of cops – “gang banged” if you will - who will support each other like they all have something to hide. A polygraph test is a witness to the truth and is also evidence of how strongly I feel about the way they are fleecing the citizens of Wilkes-Barre. I literally felt relief after I scheduled my polygraph appointment because I know it will verify my statements.
If I pass a polygraph I know I can stand tall behind the charges that I make and the “court of public opinion” will know who is being honest. At this stage of the complaint, I feel that it is entirely appropriate. Besides, guilt or innocence will be proven through accounting (audit) and not a “he said/she said.”
I stand to make no money off of this mess… There is no motivation for me to make up a story if I didn’t stand to benefit from it... I am willing to pay $ 650 for a polygraph test… I may be paying an attorney which will cost a few thousand… I certainly would not be lying to federal authorities which would be a major crime.
Am I doing this all for a lie? No. Of course not. I am doing it because it is the right thing to do. I am willing to have a “bull’s eye” on my chest if it helps poor people from being exploited and if it ends a corrupt scheme. This is the only reason I am doing this. I told one person: “If I don’t do something I feel like I’d be giving away part of my soul.”  
What can I offer Sergeant Rick Harding and Leo Glodzik is a polygraph challenge. My note to Sargent Harding: “We have already played on your field of gang bangers and goons – now I ask that we play on a level playing field. Everything is admissible “outside of court,” so why not take a polygraph yourself. If honest, you should have nothing to hide. Are you game? 

X.        WILKES-BARRE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT     The story of the “Emperor with no clothes” describes Wilkes-Barre to a “t.” Everybody knows about corruption and it isn’t addressed sometimes for years - if at all. In the “kids for cash” scheme, I think even the court house janitor knew what was going on. How long did it take to clean that up? 10 years? How many attorneys knew and decided to shut their mouths because it might affect their career? Wilkes-Barre has become a gutless, character-less city without a heart. It’s the city of “me.”
If you aren’t moved by this letter and how it is hurting real people working real jobs that stand to lose these jobs if they have no car – then you have lost your moral compass. I am fully invested in eradicating the filth I have witnessed. Minimally an independent audit should be conducted and a joint investigation between the FBI (not the Scranton office), the Office of the Inspector General, and the IRS (Criminal Investigation Division) should take place. From my understanding these bodies are the standard investigating bodies for police and/or city corruption. These rogues will ultimately be accountable for their deeds, whether on earth or in the hereafter. 2 Corinthians 5:10 says, “For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body.”
·         Currently a Christian author, “Getting to Heaven”  (Xulon press, to be published by Christmas)
·         Founder, “Grateful Hands” Ministry
·         Leadership Wilkes-Barre 1996-1997
·         Lehigh University   Masters in Business Administration  (4.0 GPA)  1996
·         Certification in Management Accounting; Dual Certification in Financial Management 1998
·         BA Wake Forest  Economics  1985
·         Career as Senior Financial Analyst for Fortune 200 Company
·         Also employed by Robbins Door and Sash Company, Wilkes-Barre
·         Teacher and Coach   Bullis Prep School (Potomac, MD)
·         Wyoming Seminary Cum Laude Graduate
·         Captain/MVP of Sem basketball team; District Champion in Tennis
·         Adopted twin boys in 1999… now age 13
·         Clean criminal record; no points on license;
·         Do not drink nor use any recreational drugs

FBI - Scranton and Philadelphia Division
Pa Office of Inspector General
IRS - Criminal Investigation Division
Office of the Governor
House of Representatives
State Attorney’s Office
Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office – DA and Assistant DA’s
Chiefs of Police – other jurisdictions 
Judicial Candidates for Luzerne County
Selected Federal Judges
Luzerne County Commissioners; Local Magistrates and Judges
Local Law Firms and County officials
Local Wilkes-Barre media (TV, Print, and Internet)
Others as per my discretion


The following two E mails were sent to the FBI on June 16, 2011

Dear Scranton Division FBI -

     The ease and extent to which the W-B Officer below (Kenneth Jones) will lie is both scary and disturbing. It takes my breath away.

    An hour ago I went to the W-B police Dept to find out the names of all four of the police officers that were present at the June 1st incident. I have the names of Kenneth Jones and Sargent Rick Harding but couldn't remember the names of the other two.

    Here's who showed up (in order) on June 1st at L.A.G. Towing (around 5 PM):
A) Officers # 1 and #2:  Kenneth Jones and another officer riding "shotgun" with him
B) Officer # 3 who had with him a young plain clothed girl (possibly an intern or trainee).
C) Officer # 4 was Sargent Rick Harding who showed up by himself.

  About an hour ago Officer # 1 (Kenneth Jones) approached at the police window. He claimed there were only 2 cops present on June 1st (he and Sargent Harding). No... there were four. I wonder if my "report" leaked out to them because these were the only two officers whose names I remembered in my report/request for investigation.

  The conversation went something like this:

Me: Can I have the names of the four policemen that were present at L.A.G. Towing?
Kenneth Jones: There were only two there... me and Sargent Harding. (a whopper of a lie... like he can't remember the name of his partner?)

Me: You mean you can't tell me who was in the car with you?
Kenneth Jones: I can't remember... maybe it was a "college ride-along."

Me: No... it couldn't have been that... the officer was in full uniform.
Kenneth Jones: I can't remember

Me: How about the 3rd officer?... the one who had a plain clothed girl with him
Kenneth Jones: I can't remember

Me: Can you give me any notes that you took that day… a police report?
Kenneth Jones: No. Why don't you talk with Sargent Harding tomorrow?

    There is NO WAY I will talk to Sargent Harding. He will try and rough me up again. The fact that he wants me to speak with Sargent Harding suggests the fact that they are already colluding ("Sargent Harding will protect Kenneth Jones back"). This incident portends what may lie ahead. They may try to paint me as a "crazy man" by saying there were only 2 cops instead of four. I want to keep you informed so that when they lie to me I am at least am documenting some of it.

                                             Thank You
                                             Mark M Robbins


Greetings FBI (Scranton) -

   Earlier (see below) I told you that Officer Kenneth Jones was lying today at the police station (June 16). He said there were only two cops at the scene on June 1st (he and Sargent Harding).

   Fortunately, my son reminded me I had a picture on my cell phone. The attached/included photo proves Kenneth Jones to be a liar (hopefully you can blow up full size on your computer like I can).

            PICTURE HERE OF COPS 1, 2, and  3 and intern/trainee (see for photo)

   Therefore. as I previously noted (before I realized I had a picture):

Cop #1     Office Kenneth Jones who lied to me today
                 He is the driver of car # 45 (see picture)
                 On June 1 he said, "You disgust me."
                 On June 1 he said, "I don't want to have to even look at your face."

Cop # 2     He was in the passenger seat of car # 45 (see pic)
                  I still don't know his name.

 Cop # 3    He is standing with his right hand on car # 45 (see pic)
                  I still don't know his name.
                  Accompanying him was a plain clothed woman who appeared to be an
                  On June 1 he said, "I don't give a fuck about your car."

Cop # 4     Sergeant Rick Harding who showed up by himself.
                  I in my full complaint.  detailed what he said during his explosion of  rage in
                  the body of my report. This man badly needs anger management training.

     I am not in his head... so I don't know the motives behind his blatant lie (2 cops instead of 4). I guess this is why you are the FBI and I am not (ha!). If I had to guess...

1) Maybe he's scared that if I went ahead with a complaint... that he and Harding would try and make me out to be an imbecile by sticking with the 2 "cop" theory  (as if an MBA grad isn't capable of counting 4 cops.)

2) He was "protecting" the other two (which doesn't make sense because these guys were tame compared to Keeneth Jones and Sgt Rick Harding).

3) Since I didn't know two of the officers' names, maybe he felt that if he coalesced with Sgt Harding that as a unit they could make me out to be a fool.

4)  Officer Kenneth Jones is a sociopath. He lies because he "can." I still don't see the big advantage of his lie. I think being a sociopath might be a very real possibility. He was "stacking" lies right in front of me (1st it was nobody was with him... then it was a college student... then it was "I can't remember")

The FBI is compromised in the following ways (I have made the FBI aware of my concerns):
 1)  FBI Investigator Joe Noone attended a political rally party for W-B MayorTom Leighton (see below). Obviously if he is attending Leighton's political parties he can't be an unbiased investigator.
 2)  At this party was also the W-B Chief of police's brother (Mike Dessoye).
 3)  Two other "Noones" were at party.
 4)   FBI Investigator Joe Noone has also been out to dinner with W-B Chief of police Gerard Dessoye (Olive Garden).
 5)   I believe that there is another conflict between County Detective Jim Noone who tasked to investigate "for the police"
while FBI Investigator Joe Noone is tasked to investigate against the police itself.
 6)     There of course is also potential nepotism since a "Dessoye" and a "Noone" are both County Detectives.
 7)     In yet another conflict of interest, it has been explained to me that Agent Noone goes to rifle/gun ranges with the W-B police. What is he thinking? He is not to cavort with those he may have to investigate.  
 8)    The Scranton FBI office I believe has six people. I would assume they are very tight. Even if Joe Noone recused himself... could the other investigators be unbiased given they are investigating the friends of one of their fellow investigators. I highly doubt it.

Like the County Commissioners in Scranton, the government is run like a "kingdom" rather than an act of "public service." The conflicts of interests seemingly never stop.
Posted Sat, April 10, 2010
There was a final four party held this past week... or we can say there was a rally in support of W-B Mayor Tom Leighton for Senate.

Notables: Tom Leighton, County detective Mike Dessoye, County detective Jim Noone, FBI Agent Joe Noone, Frank Noone, Attorney Joe Vullo, Bill Joyce, Toni Valenti, Jake LaNunziata, Mike Dineen, Onarato Field Director, John Bolin, Dave Alberigi, Tony Paglianite, third district chairman, Sam Aritz, Nick Deangelo, Mike "Butters" Butera, Butch Frate, Terry Best, Pittston City Democratic Chairman, Kent Bratlee, Phil Struzzeri, Jenkins Township Democratic Chairman, Mike Lombardo Jr., Pittston Councilman, Mike Lombardo Sr, Jason Klush, Pittston Mayor Joe Chernouskis, Pittston Councilman, Pat Hadley, Judd Spencer... along with another 50 or so.