Saturday, May 17, 2014

Well done Asst DA Sam Sanguedolce

    What Asst DA Sam Sanguedolce accomplished in getting a felony

 conviction on Leo Glodzik wasn't what it seemed. One would think

that a retired State Trooper could easily outclass the low class thug 

(Glodzik). Right? 

    Wrong. Not when one considers how many of the WB cops 

have comported themselves. Sanguedolce had to overcome the 

hurdle of a jury that may be poisoned by any of the bad actors from

the WB police. Many jurors may not make the distinction between 

a city police officer and a better trained state policeman. To the 

non distinguishing eye... they are all police.

     Was a juror - or a juror's friend or family - ever been shouted 

into child-like submission from the likes of cops Bill Harden or 

Kenneth Jones? Were they on the receiving end of cop Dana 

Cope's F-bombs? Were rules selectively enforced against them by 

the cowardly and substance abusing police chief?

    Have they witnessed (like LAG's neighbors have) cops hanging 

out inside LAG's garage while on duty? Do they know Captain Bob 

Hughes was selling cars on consignment from LAG? Did they see 

beautiful cars (like a Mercedes) being driven by cops as bribes

 from Leo Glodzik?

    Apparently they missed what I heard on the final day when Leo 

Glodzik said "I never charge cops, firemen, or military for tows" 

(but poor black women are always fair game). Before you dab 

your eyes in patriotic pride - realize what's being said here. Glodzik 

made an in court admission that he gives cops tows (min $200) for

 free. These are the cops that Glodzik relies upon for all his 

revenue... and cops sworn to never accept anything of value. What 

Glodzik admitted to was a massive bribe scheme.

    Defense Attorney Sklarosky wisely went after the weakness set 

forth by WB corruption. He knew that many people have been 

grievously wronged by police... most especially WB police. One

juror with a lingering resentment was all he needed. For a while it 

looked like Sklarosky would get it. 

     The verdict was satisfying and the current investigations are 

even more encouraging. This area is at a demarcation point. As we 

can gather from this trial - the act of a rogue cop not only hurts the 

victim but in a much bigger sense - it betrays the public trust. 

Without public trust expect juries to be insurmountably tainted. 

What then? 

    Thank You Sam Sanguedolce. May this be the turning point