Friday, May 23, 2014

Leighton goes after fireman over facebook page (no joke)

Criminal Investigation into Fireman’s (alleged) Facebook page poking fun at the Mayor (No Joke)

WB Taxpayers... Are you happy?  Your tax dollars are paying for:

>  An 8 months Wilkes-Barre Police Investigation into a Facebook page (as opposed to actual crimes). Leighton claims he was made fun of (that is illegal?) by a fireman (Tyler Hammond).

>  Law Firm (Elliot Greenleaf & Dean) for Leighton paid for by the taxpayers.

Why doesn’t the city fireman get to:
Ø Use WB police to investigate Leighton?
Ø Have access to the law firm that Leighton does?

NOTE: Tyler Hammond's suit couldn't have more merit. Every sentient being in WB knows that Leighton absolutely tried to sell LEO GLODZIK the Old River Road Bakery as an inside deal for a steal!!

From Times Leader:  A civil suit filed against the city by an employee is on hold indefinitely while an eight-month criminal investigation continues into a Facebook page he allegedly made of the mayor.

Hammond filed suit in federal court last September claiming a violation of his First Amendment right to free speech. He alleged that Mayor Tom Leighton and the city fabricated a Sept. 6, 2013 disciplinary hearing against him in retaliation for another pending suit that exposed insider trading in the sale of city properties and ethics violations.

Times Leader Article

From a taxpayer:

I just read the story in the CV about the Tyler Hammond and Leighton lawsuit.
Fact: Leighton is dipping into the city's general fund AGAIN...... to pay his legal defense for his latest personal tantrum.
His use of our money again should be considered:
a. Illegal. What...... he is trying to defend isn't city business.
b,/ The legal defense cash he is doling out is general fund cash and it should be considered....... additional and taxable income." His oath of office affirmed salary only and nothing more.
c. Did our city council authorize Leighton's access to the general fund for this particular reason? Or no?
Why weren't the WB taxpayers NOTIFIED that Leighton was intending upon accessing the general fund for his latest foolish tantrum or idea for legal defense that isn't really city business?
His latest gen fund access for legal defense should have been made public info at a city council meeting.