Saturday, May 2, 2015

2005   Former City Tower ("Kobby") wins $250 k settlement against city.
thru    This Tower continurs to point out corruption.
2011    Alcoholic Leighton and G Dessoye atereotype Kadluboski as "bitter,"

June 2011  I had my run-in with LAG Towing because he caused $800 damage to my car.
June 2011   Knowing that I would be somehow discredited like "Kobby"... I take a polygraph test"
July 2011    With the strength of the polygraph, I speak at City Council.
July 2011    NBC covers me on TV and I make headlines next day.

July 2011    DA Sally Musto Carroll phones me and tells me she wants nothing of the case
July 2012    WBPD Chieg Dessoye makes amazing claim that he "has no need for LAG records despite it being in the contract.

NOTE: THE UNDERPINNINGS OF A RACKETEERING  SCAM ARE IN                                  PLACE... (1) Cars are being stolen  (2) Leighton looks the other way (3) 
 Dessyoye and Glodzik don't keep recoreds (4) DA, past and present, actively 
 cover up the corruption

Jan  2012      Leighton say he is "fine with LAG Towing" despite few receipts kept over 7 years.

April 2013    Despite irate citizens and complaints about LAG's thefts and price gouging... all of Council (except for Tony george) members vote in favor of leighton to keep LAG

July 2013    On the eve of Glodzik's sentencing, Council finally votes 5-0 to get rid of LAG. But... LAG would still hold contract for two more years as Leight attempts to protect Leo Glodzik.

April 2015   I take a picture of a LAG Truck illegally loaned to a WB cop. I am cited for Trespassing )the onlu one ever). This was the beginning of Credit Union gate where 5 people (incl Glodzik and 2 cops) have been indicted.

April 2015   Gun charges and two more fraud charges vrought to Glodzik        (felony count = 4

April 2015   After nearly 4 years since I began... Leighton finally cuts of LAG Towing after many felony counts and his building being condemned.