Monday, May 4, 2015

Stefanie Salavantis... it's time

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I told Stefanie Salavantis on the radio (LA Tarone; WILK) that Glodzik did not act alone in Cars for Cash. She acted like she only knew me from years ago when I informed her of "Cars for Cash."
This was one of her many lies on air because she clearly knows who I am because I know for a fact that she hates this picture:

If you were a DA and the following events and outcome occurred... would you term this a success

The people helping Glodzik were:
- The Police
- G Dessoye... WBPD Police Chief
- M Dessoye... Head of County Detectives (if he didnt know about LAG he is a moron)
- T Leighton... Mayor
- Four city council members
- AND THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE who would not honor one single complaint from the from any of the thousand (or more) victims of LAG Towing!

NOT ONE PERSON HELPED !! Yet... Salavantis had the chutzpa to claim that justice was served because of one felony count on Glodzik that the state police set up.

The DA's obligation is to protect those who can't protect themselves. How has she protected the LAG auto theft victims and made them whole? This is an outrage.

Salvantis also... continued to play "press secretary/ spokesman/ defense attorney for Leighton. She claimed that all gas was used for city purposes... but no records were kept. Hmmm... how would you know if no records were kept?

Salavantis claimed publicly that she is an admistrator (who has an administrator for $50k). If that is so then I ask her to resign with dignity and forfeit her $160,0000 salary.

We elected a person to run the DA office and she isn't running it. How would you like it if your car was stolen and the DA thumbed their nose at you?

Who is in charge?
Mike Dessoye (how comforting would that be?)
Sanguedolce?    ... Are they also practicing private criminal defense work? The conflicts of interests are staggering... not to mention the nepotism. 

THE WORST PART... cherry picking (selective enforcement) and "case tossing" of friends is taking place. Leighton is the most public example (not even 20 gallons of the 67,000  gallons of gas was stolen?).

This is an extremely serious situation. It is like have a "weak" substitute teacher in a class and having the students take over. But this isn't 5th grade. It is justice for the people that is being churned into a huge ball of corruption ... going down hill... getting bigger by the day.