Thursday, May 14, 2015


Before I begin, I first want to present a voting record comparison:

As far as George Brown stretching the truth...
When you think of Management... do you think of CEO, President, Vice-President etc.? George Brown claims 38 years of management experience including international companies like RCA and GE.

TRUTH STRETCHER # 1    It sounds like GE and RCA are two different corporations, right? Well not exactly. GE bought out RCA in Mountaintop. It was the same physical location. George Brown makes himself out to be a "globe trotting" hot shot when in fact he never left Mountaintop. Roger Bishop was head of HR when I was there and Joe Spoone was before him. I don't even know if George Brown was the head of Human Resources at any time.

My source?  Me. Because I worked there as well... after Harris Corp bought it. I worked as a Senior Financial Analyst after graduating from Lehigh's MBA program. This company was then bought out again by Fairchild Semiconductor.

TRUTH STRETCHER # 2   Having worked there, Human Resources was a functional office with a staff of maybe four. To claim this to "management experience" is really stretching it. Working in human resources is NOTHING LIKE running the company.