Saturday, May 2, 2015

Travesty beyond comprehension

Before I get to the Mayoral race... let me say that the lack of care and the shameless backing of corruption on the part of George Brown, Bill Barrett, Mike Merritt, and Maureen Lavelle regarding LAG Towing was beyond reprehensible - it was an outright embarrassment. 

Other than corrupt Middle Eastern and Third world countries... I have never seen elected officials (willfully) do so little in the face of victims who were harmed so greatly.  

I would not trust these unscrupulous and nefarious individuals walk my dog let alone run a city. Any modest estimate would point to at least one thousand cars stolen... from people too poor to fight or raise a stink.

Sadly we see what happens when you speak up. Many of you saw the the man who was shot for perhaps speaking too loudly about a drug house  HERE  This is the result of completely failed and alcoholic leadership.

Others of us have been attacked through the mail... law suits... threats of law suits... city services not rendered... threats on jobs... told we we were being followed... have been cited and targeted for nonsense issues... been given "right-to-knows" that have been garbage... have encountered crooked Magistrates... and had the DA side with corruption. For me personally, it has been honest (post "Kids for Cash") Judges in the court house that have cleared me of the very obvious kangaroo charges.

Tony George is the best choice for WB Mayor by miles, If we can't resolve the crime issue then nothing else is possible. 

A quick look at George Brown...

(1) SHERMAN HILLS:  He and Leighton (and Barrett) are on the "Sherman Hills" task force. Raise your hand if you think they have done anything except walk through the premises in pretty suits.

(2) LAG TOWING: A vehicle theft ring that went unfettered for 8 years. Number of victims helped? Zero. I personally helped more car theft victims than Leighton, Dessoye, and City council combined. Way more. And I don't even live in Wilkes-Barre?

I helped because help was needed. Just like you wouldn't think twice about saving a drowning kid from a pool. Most peope with a high sense of value operate from this standpoint.

The only official to consistently stand against corruption is Tony George. He has the the support of the justice minded police and police officials both past and present.

Tony George, as a former WBPD Chief, has the gravitas to make the necessary changes.

Tony George (from TIMES LEADER)

A former Wilkes-Barre City Police chief from 2001 to 2004, George said he 
believed in the “window theory” then and would apply that belief to Wilkes-
Barre “when, not if” he becomes mayor.

“If the window is broke you have to fix it,” George said. “If you don’t, it 

George said he, too, believes in a more pronounced police presence. The 
former officer said his saturation patrols would be more like saturation 
caravans, with “five or six” police cruisers and two officers per vehicle.
 Additional manpower and resources would be funded through federal grants, 
he said.

Additionally, George said he believes in a “park and walk” approach in letting 
suspects know they were being watched by police, something George said 
doesn’t happen enough today.

“What (investigators) do now is they do surveillance for 2-3 months, get some 
(drug) buys, come back and try to get the dealer in New York or New Jersey or 
wherever. By that time it’s too late. The neighborhoods are ruined,” he said.

If the people moved somewhere else, he said, officers followed.

George said he laughed at the idea of State Police substations in Wilkes-Barre.

“They have two people from Towanda to Bloomsburg. They’re not going to 
station people here,” he said.

People won’t want to invest in the city if they’re afraid to walk through its 
neighborhoods, he said. Moreover, parents won’t allow their children to walk 
the streets when under the threat of violence.

“When you clean up crime,” he said, “everything else falls into place.”