Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Current performance is the best predicter of future results

And isn't this truth with Tony Brooks running for WB council!!

Consider: If you were interviewing an employee... would you hire the person that doesn't show up?

If you were a broadway director... would you hire the actor who couldn't remember their lines?

If we are electing a councilman... shouldn't we looking at the the efforts they made in their campaign in order to assess how they'd perform on the job?

Based on CURRENT PERFORMANCE (as a basis to judge future results)... Tony Brooks is head and shoulders above all candidates. 

Look at the enthusiasm for meet and greet!

He has run his campaign with surgical precision:
    - He responds to every phone call
    - He has made himself available via e mail and facebook
    - He alerted voters where & when he'd be knocking on doors
    - He is the only candidate in Council B to have a Facebook page

Only Tony Brooks scored perfectly on the table below. If other candidates aren't communicating... why on earth do you think they will improve when in office?

Why would one ever vote for someone who makes a half effort or no effort? We of course know the reason: Corruption or nepotism.

Voters are cheating themselves if they vote for anyone besides Tony Brooks. Here is what you do:

On Tuesday:
Democrats need to write him in as a Democrat.
Republicans can find his name on the ballot.