Monday, May 4, 2015

Stealing cars still legal in Wilke-Barre

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Why is it legal? Because the DA doesn't give a rat's -ss if your car was stolen. I received the message below (5/04/15) from a woman who has been trying for two years.

I thought I saw somewhere you were the one to get the ball rolling with the lag mess...  Just curious because I have been trying to make a criminal complaint for almost two years, and since it's a conflict of interest, I was told that the da's office can not investigate it.. (I know they should of passed it to ag) but with luzerne county, lol never will happen.... let me know if you don't mind.. Thanks

Heaven forbid the DA might actually say:
1) I am so sorry... we will track the VIN and investigate immediately
2) If there is a conflict we will refer to the State Attorney

Other Notes:

1) George Brown and the dirty tricks club. Beware of him talking pieces of what Tony George says and distorting the message on TV ads. George Brown of course has money because he has the corrupt backing.

2)  The Sorick's lost a member of the family who was only 44. Shocking to say the least.