Thursday, May 21, 2015

Officer arrested for stealing city gas for private use

Hmmmm... I bet you this guy had Salavantis to defend him... and to apologize for him... and to editorialize for him... and to hold his hand.

Miami-Dade police officer accused of stealing gas for private vehicle. Arrested on charges of Organized Fraud

                               Link to this story HERE.

I received the following from our sneaky DA Stefanie Salavantis:

What I would appreciate is transparency... something to the effect of "Write me in as a Democrat. If I beat Vito DeLuca on the Democratic side then I am assured victory." This is exactly the reason she sent this mailer but she never states this. This is slippery in my book. Not the whole truth.

It is signed "Stefanie." Ms. Salavantis... I am not your "BFF" and we are both out of high school. You also shouldn't be hugging police chiefs either.

AS PER THE JARED KANE INVESTIGATION: This will be interesting:
1) The conflicts of interests given Marty Kane's 30 year relationship with County detectives
2) Letter of support from County Detectives Association. (Doesn't this instill confidence in the detectives? What a joke.)

Momma Kane said brighter days are ahead. I assume this must mean a liver transplant... or two... or three.


Mommy Kane: Brighter Days Ahead?

According to Wilkes-Barre City Controller Kathy (Mommy) Kane, there are “bigger and brighter things ahead”, and “you always have the bad guys”.

One has to wonder if she’s both drunk and delusional, or seriously believes our District Attorney is.

Listen WUWB has been more critical of DA Salavantis than anyone else by far, considering the get out of jail FREE card she gave King Lie-A-Ton,  following the Gas-Gate scandal, but unless Salavantis wants to be remembered as the most corrupt District Attorney in Luzerne County History, not even the child DA herself could turn a blind eye to Petition-Gate.

Jared Martin Kane, who thought it would be easy slipping into his fathers (Judge Marty (Daddy) Kane) shoes, quickly found out that shortcuts aren’t so short in Wilkes-Barre, thanks to City Wide Towing Owner/Corruption Fighter: Bob Kadluboski. Kadluboski heard that several signatures listed on Kane’s republican petition listed names of voters who stated either they did NOT sign it, or moved out of the city/county months/years before the petition was even circulated.

But according to Kane’s mother, Kathy, the city controller, addressed supporters on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon.

“Thanks everyone for your support. Unfortunately, negative press hurt our campaign. To our true friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. There are bigger and brighter things ahead,” Kathy Kane wrote.

Hum, she’s not referring to a prison sentence for her son I hope.

Seriously, I despise corruption, but at the same time can’t help but feel sorry for the Kane family for what they’re going through (albeit self-inflicted) but still, as a parent, I just pray they learn something useful from all this.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre