Thursday, November 5, 2015


Jared Kane wrote me a nasty note claiming he is in the area and working a job (I suppose in disguise). He was hammered last May and I am not going to pile on more.

What troubled me is he is antagonistic... and like his parents... can do no wrong. 

Kathy Kane can takes a secret trip to Austin, Tx because she's "entitled." Taxpayers foot this worthless trip.
Marty Kane gets so drunk that he is seen making out with a Tranny at a local bar. I don't know whether this happened by design or not. But certainly he isn't thinking of the respect and gravitas of being a judge.  

Baby Kane I am sure he never considered what would be the right thing to do and which would gain him the respect of many.


Jared, believe me when I tell you - this is your ticket out.

CASE IN POINT:  Ned Evans (WB School Board) was charged with a DUI months back. He did not whine and moan and come up with excuses. I liked his attitude. But this was just the beginning.

I reached out to Ned (I don't know him). He mentioned that he had 4 months (sobriety). Good for him. My conjecture would be that he drank most of his life which makes it extra tough to get sober.

I place his picture here because this story already hit the papers hard.

Baby Salavantis... are you listening?
This DUI may have save this man's life or someone he may have hit.
Yet by tossing DUI's you put everyone in danger.
Shame on you and the liquored Sanguedolce.