Wednesday, November 4, 2015


    Duane Lawrence took his own life in a fire on Saturday.            See HERE


Judge Vough would not allow him to stay in his home because of a mere $8,000  in taxes. Yet No one kicked Vough out of his house when he ran for office... spending $170,000... of which $20,000 he owed in taxes... despite owning a $400,000 home at Harvey's Lake. And he can't pay $20 k in taxes?

So it would be an accurate statement to say that he ran for office on your tax dollars. The result? We now call him "honorable." (Please get me the vomit bucket).

Vough owes $20,000... no one kicked him out.
Ed Lawrence owe $8,000... and Vough felt a need to sell his house
that he lived in for decades.

But it goes far deeper...

I have been in front of Vough who likes to scurry to chambers so he is "off the record."

I can't give much detail because I have an open complaint with the disciplinary board against Vough... but I was told that if I was found guilty at the hearing I was likely to get 90 days in jail for a summary offense with a clean record. This would have been the equivalent of Leo Glodzik's felony sentence.
- He also lied about knowing things about the case because it was before him and continued more than a year. 
- Even though Salavantis recused herself, she and Sanguedolce spoke with Vough and they told him to "hammer" me. This would of course have taken out Salavantis's biggest critic at election time. Me. How convenient. And trust me... the criticism of her will continue until she is charged with federal crimes for abuse of her office and her make up is washed away in tears. Andy Mehalshik hopefully will get that on WBRE.

As it was I was forced to plead guilty because I didn't want Christmas with my kids behind bars.

There is a very corrupt link here because Sanguedolce is not only a first assistant DA (spent 2 yrs with Civiarella) but also shares the same address and phone number as 
- Rogers of the NE Revenue "tax collectors" scheme (Grand Jury set up to investigate)
- Todd Johns who had DA toss his clients' DUI's (at least three)
- Bruce Phillips who had the DA toss out his client's DUI's

Other... Salavantis is on tape saying she is very close to Rogers and Phillips. Attorneys have expressed to me that they have grave concerns about Sanguedolce's drinking. 

The flowchart below was best described to me as "bids are placed and won on homes - yet payment is not made. Nevertheless rent is charged to the homeowners (even though the house isn't paid for)."

Vough overlooked seemingly many crimes (charging rent for a home you haven't paid for)  It would appear that these players (including Bill Vinsko) have been part of a corruption syndicate.

I ask that federal authorities investigate Judge Vough, the DA office, and other attorneys for crimes committed.