Friday, November 13, 2015

BMHA, Liberty U, and the most bigoted man in America.

Before the ugliness... some good news. I called up my old church (Back Mountain Harvest Assembly Church) and asked them how they would treat a gay person. The lovely female that responded said that they see gays as Jesus would see them. With love and acceptance. In fact she said there is a married gay couple at the church. I believe that human rights are gay rights and gays are not "partial" people. I was very pleased you hear this as no one deserves to be marginalized.

THANK YOU "BMHA." for your stance. To be honest, in the past I heard fears from BMHA that hate laws may pass. This is "code" for "we reserve the right to bash gays." I also heard that gays choose their orientation and this was backed by Exodus International - a gay reparative ministry... "pray the gay away." Since then I have spoken to Alan Chambers (President of Exodus) and he has closed down the ministry because he didn't help a single soul! It is not a choice. Slam the door.

Other code words used by other conservative churches (not BMHA).
Religious liberties: "We reserve the right to bash gays."
Deeply held religious beliefs: "We reserve the right to bash gays."
It goes against our conscience: "We reserve the right to discriminate against gays."

Of course... religious rights would only be granted to Christians (Muslims? Don't even go there)

And please know... that Liberty University (I took 3 classes there) is on the level of the KKK in terms of hate. They don't burn crosses. They instead use evil lawyers (Mat Staver of the Kentucky clerk fame - Kim Davis). They are representing for free a guy named Timothy Smiley? What has he done?

(1) Smiley wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin encouraging him to discriminate against gays (remember the scare regarding gays and the Russian Winter Olympics)
(2) Smiley was instrumental in Uganda's "kill the gays" campaign where they literally went door to door to hang gays. "Liberal" theology schools have set up systems of asylum. The conservative schools turn their backs on these people (so Christ like).

Newspaper showing 100 homo list

I met this man at a conference; he won the Clinton (not Huckabee) award

on asylum

met in DC conference; on asylum from Uganda

So again... if you hear Liberty University... think "KKK."
My school
Link to Chicago Theological Seminary HERE

Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa  (Nov 7, 2015)

Video of the most bigoted man (Kevin Swanson) I have heard since Westboro Baptist Church who I experienced in person last January. The video (below) was taken down but I found it. These three Republican candidates knew this man well before this conference... and heard him speak before going on stage themselves.

Kevin Swanson

See Kevin swanson video HERE    Go to 6 minute mark.

- Pamphlets and speakers (in addition to Swanson): Gays should be rounded up and killed.
- The method of killing was discussed. It would be OK to kill gays by stoning them or throwing them off cliffs. 
- Gays need to be killed so they can repent during their death (?).
-  He claimed people were carving happy faces on open pusy sores of gay people and "we shouldn't do that."


Please never forget what I am about to tell you: 

(1) Homosexuality (same sex attraction) was not known in the Bible and emerged as concept around 1911. It wasn't in the Bible until 1950. (The people who put produced Bible translations are the MOST conservative).

(2) Same sex-behavior is mentioned in the Bible as a product of lust, excess, and rape (think of Caligula). 

(3) Committed, caring relationships like we see today were not part of Bible history. It's that simple. You can't brush stroke 2015 with what was written 2,000 years ago. We'd still have slaves and women couldn't speak at church (and would discuss with husbands at home).

from "Progressive Redneck"...

These days, it seems like bat shit crazy is everywhere you look. Between Ben Carson’s notion that Joseph (you know, from the Bible?) built the pyramids to serve as grain silos, people getting their shorts in a knot over a god damn paper cup and the mere fact that human hair ball Donald Trump is a credible candidate for the Presidency of the United States, you can go all day without encountering a whole lot of sanity. And, while none of these things are good, they aren’t nearly as bad as some of the shit that’s gotten lost in the shuffle. Like the National Religious Liberties Conference.

Now, this wasn’t your average,run of the mill we’re-pissed-because-you-won’t-let-us-shit-on-gays-anymore “religious liberty” conference. Oh no, beloved, it was so much more. Organizer/preacher/radio show host Kevin Swanson used his platform to warn us about some of the terrible dangers facing America today: Harry Potter, “How To Train Your Dragon” and “Frozen”, among others. Seriously, I’m not making this up.

According to Swanson, there are characters in these movies that can cause little ones to “stumble”, because said characters are gay and, as everyone knows, indoctrination is priority number one for the LGBT community. The good Reverend Swanson refers to Dumbledore and one of the characters in “How To Train Your Dragon” (not sure which) as “homosexual mentor(s)” and Elsa from “Frozen” is a lesbian-recruiting bride of Satan (I’m not sure if Swanson himself spoke on Elsa, but she and the song “Let It Go” were a focal point of the conference).
Oh, you know how I ended the list with “among others”? A couple of those “other” things are vampires cannibalism and witchcraft. Yes, you that correctly: “vampires, cannibalism and witchcraft”. Let that sink in for a minute: these three topics were seriously mentioned at gathering of grown ups as actual threats to America. Holy…fucking…shit. I will admit, however, that the last one was kind of a welcome addition. I mean, how are you going to complain about Harry Potter and not mention “witchcraft”?

Up to now, this has all been fun and games. But, all too soon, things took a very ugly turn. In the closing speech of the conference, Swanson said the Bible states that “homosexuals are worthy of death”. Originally, I had planned to use some video from Right Wing Watch which showed Swanson saying those very words, but someone filed a copyright violation claim on that video and YouTube has suspended their account. Never fear, brothers and sisters, through remorseless and diligent research… the video was found (above). If you’re only interested in Swanson, skip ahead to the 6:00 mark.