Monday, November 2, 2015

PHOTOS of CORRUPTION: Salavantis and George

78 yr old's car that Glodzik crushed. No one helped her.

Salavantis let 3 horses die

Tony George STILL nacks Civiarella

Tony George and wife... looking for 4th pension

T George family (3) fed off the Elmy tree


Tony George Sr: He was Security Head for CTC which is part of the the W-B School district.
Tony George Jr: He is a teacher in the W-B School district.
Tony George’s wife: She used to work in the W-B School district. 

Louis Elmy: He is President of W-B School district (school board) and works for the prison.
* Louis Elmy's wife is a secretary in the Wilkes-Barre School district.
* James Elmy… Brother:  James Elmy also works at the Luzerne County Prison.
* Sister: Deizarae Height works as Secretary at at CTC which is part of the the W-B School district.
* This sister is  married to Jim Height: He was  charged for accepting $2,000 in cash for support he provided to a contractor regarding the W-B School District. 
* Another sister: Renee Post is married to James Post who is the Purchasing agent for W-B School District.
WB School District employee Jim Post is Elmy's brother-in-law. He was caught sending emails from a district computer to publicize a fundraiser for Louis Elmy. PENALIZED? Are you kidding me? With his connections and skin color?
 Kevin Elmy… Brother: Kevin Elmy is the head of maintenance at WB Area Vo Tech,,, part of the W-B School District.
*  Kevin Elmy’s wife: She works at the courthouse.
*  Samantha J Elmy:  hired as a school teacher in the W-B School District. She is the niece of Louis Elmy and daughter-in-law of Ned Evans. 
*  W-B School District board member and former principal Ned Evans was arrested for DUI. (Will Salavantis toss this one too?)

DPW worker (and T George confession) indicate this has been going on for years/



Thought this was funny

Salavantis would only agree to "kiddie debate."

Call them the "DUI TOSSERS"

Salavantis let three horses die
Attorney had multiple DUI's tossed

Staggering 189 cases tossed by DA

Sample of one DUI tossed

Sanguedolce spent more time with Civiarella than anyone

One of 13 unsolved murders - Laurie Merritt

Perpetrator got off with Misdemeanor; 2 day coma for victim

Salavantis not pursuing homide of Becca; friends with defense attorney Olszewski

Leighton / Mike Dessoye / Salavantis

Bany Kane on Salavantis protection plan; sunshine therapy in Florida

One of LAG victims I helped; I was only one to do so... DA and others blew these victims off.

Woman overdosed and died from G Dessoye's protected drug house

Taxpayers picked this up (due to theft)

Charging rent before paying for property
Rogers is part of Sanguedolce's law firm

One million received and not disclosed

The end result when police chief (Dessoye) protects drug house)