Sunday, November 15, 2015




A case cannot be made that current day Christian extremists are more violent than Muslim extremists... but do not be deceived to think that all Christian hands are free from blood.

acid on the face

The following was given to me from a classmate at Chicago Theological Seminary and merely points out our biases.

courtesy Linda Couture

Know that Liberty University (I took 3 classes there) is on the level of the KKK in terms of hate. They don't burn crosses. They instead use evil lawyers (Mat Staver of the Kentucky clerk fame - Kim Davis). As a pro bono service they are defending the thoroughly evil man below - Timothy Lively. He has been charged with international hate crimes for his inciting/involvement with the killing of gays in Uganda. 

(1) Smiley wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin encouraging him to discriminate against gays (remember the scare regarding gays and the Russian Winter Olympics)

(2) Smiley was instrumental in Uganda's "kill the gays" campaign where they literally went door to door to hang gays. "Liberal" theology schools have set up systems of asylum. The conservative schools turn their backs on these people (so Christ like).

Newspaper showing 100 homo list

I met this man at a conference; he won the Clinton (not Huckabee) award

on asylum

met in DC conference; on asylum from Uganda

Link to my school Chicago Theological Seminary HERE


Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa  (Nov 7, 2015)

Video of the most bigoted man (Kevin Swanson) I have heard since Westboro Baptist Church who I experienced in person last January. The video (below) was taken down but I found it. These three Republican candidates knew this man well before this conference... and heard him speak before going on stage themselves.

Kevin Swanson

See Kevin swanson video HERE    Go to 6 minute mark.

- Pamphlets and speakers (in addition to Swanson): Gays should be rounded up and killed.
- The method of killing was discussed. It would be OK to kill gays by stoning them or throwing them off cliffs. 
- Gays need to be killed so they can repent during their death (?).
-  He claimed people were carving happy faces on open pusy sores of gay people and "we shouldn't do that."

Muslims are not the only dangerous extremists.