With one high-profile election case now off her desk, Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis is poised to soon make a decision in another.
After announcing Friday that no charges will be filed against Wilkes-Barre mayoral candidate Councilman Tony George, Salavantis said she’ll be shifting attention to the case of Jared Kane, who lost in his bid for magisterial district judge in Wilkes-Barre.

State police have been investigating claims that fraudulent signatures appeared on a Republican nominating petition Kane filed to get on the ballot. The Citizens’ Voice identified five people whose names appeared on the petition but said they did not sign the document, which was notarized and signed by Kane.
“We are in the process of scheduling a meeting to discuss the progress of the investigation, which we have been advised is near complete,” Salavantis said. (39 days ago)

Kane, 33, cross-filed as a Democrat and Republican in the primary election, seeking to win the seat held by his father for 30 years. The petition controversy arose just days before the election, and Kane eventually finished in last place, losing on the Democratic side to winner Tom Malloy and second-place finisher Justin Woychik. Malloy toppled Kane in a one-on-one race on the Republican side.

Want to laugh your -ss off?  Look at this letter from County Detectives Association. Complete disgrace. 

Mike Dessoye is head of detectives in Luzerne County.
He is the brother of former WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye who protected drug house and decade-long LAG Towing Criminal Empire. The President of KING's (RYAN) gave Gerard Dessoye a safety job as security head at King's putting the campus in danger. Dessoye can drink in more anonymity here,

13 unsolved murders

1) Recent hit and run in Hanover

Becca McCallick

Laurie Merritt and daughter


Antonio Evans

Gertrude Price

DJ Moe

Jonathan Balester

Tyzheke Seward, killed at age 23. Here with his beautiful mother.


Jamal Martin, Age 20

Leroy Smith with two of his kids


\61 year old Larry Herbert killed in hit and run (stock photo used of a veteran)

Anthony Gipson survived vicious attack. Pepetrator charged only with a Misdemeanor.
That's right... a misdemeanor !!!!!

Perpetrator: Michael Anthony Mackey Jr., 28, of Peckville