Monday, November 9, 2015


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Baby Kane said to me: "I promise  my lifes work will ruin you, I'll make your life miserable as long as you you live!" (note to Baby Kane: Being drunk is not an excuse for making threats)

Looks like I will have to extradite him to Pa for these threats... but it won't be in front of daddy Kane.

Of course he also says he is living locally and working. Hmmm. not too sure about that.

Call Salavantis and ask when she is filing charges (or not) against Jared Kane. Salavantis does not work just for the corrupt. Theoretically at least... she works for you.  

CALL (570)  825-1674 for Salavantis. She's in the offic  as she certainly isn't in court.

Real or Forged signatures? 

from May...  Baby Kane's mom... KATHY KANE: "I wanted to leave something for my son." This was the sentiment of Kathy Kane as she and Marty Kane are ready to head to Florida. Leave something? A home? No. A car? No. A $90,000 elected job as a Judge? You bet. TALK ABOUT ENTITLEMENT.

She still takes care of her 32 year old son who lives at home. The two numbers on the the campaign web site are numbers for Kathy Kane. Talk about enabling!

It would appear that she is untethered from reality. But not fully. This is a statement on how corrupt Wilkes-Barre is. The corrupt order from a menu. Know the school board president? Where do you want to teach? 

1) FORGERY: DA Salavantis should press charges immediately as we have many people who claimed not to have signed the petition (whose names were on).
2) PERJURY: Jared Kane lied to the notary when he stated that all signatures were valid "under penalty of perjury." Word has it his notary is also his Treasurer. This is too much.

Below is posted part of a legal document. Imprisoned "Kids for Cash" Judge Conahan did a favor for his alcoholic buddy Marty Kane. Conahan gave Jared Kane a job. The post below explains that spoiled brat Jared Kane showed up "sometimes" and when he did he was drunk. (Sorry for the gap between the 2 pages).

This condemned Homicide house was on his petition.

Picture and article courtesy of Roger Dupuis and Times Leader HERE.   

COPY of Petition   HERE    (courtesy of Citizen's Voice)

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