Friday, October 30, 2015



(1) Remarkably Ignorant comment by Salavantis at debate. Transcribed from videotape of debate in regards to Salavantis comparing marijuana to other drugs.

Salavantis said, "A lot of the violent crime that we are seeing in our communities you would normally think is about heroin... cocaine... crack... different crimes like that... different drugs like that. However what we are seeing is that it is mainly based around marijuana... large quantities of marijuana and if we decriminalize it we will still have those issues that will not go away." 

(Wait a second... if you de-criminalize it there is no black market and you say nothing would change? You don't have the brains for this position.) 

(2) Fraudulent Fliers mailed and delivered.  See HERE. She handed out fliers outside the auditorium which were literally fraudulent (intentional distortion for monetary gain... here $172k salary). She is resorting to the same tactics she used against Jackie Musto Carroll. LIES. Thank the Lord that you have some protection this time around... that you know the truth through this blog... and don't have to believe the lies.  PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK WITH YOUR FRIENDS. 

(3-39) The 37 DUI's that she dismissed. 189 cases dismissed in total.

(40) She blamed all 37 tossed Dui's on the police. She claimed they skipped a (non-essential) meetings, Assuming this lie is true - what does this say about her leadership?

(41)  BIG LIE THIS WEEK  In the Times Leader this week (last in Oct 2015) Salavantis claimed that Sanguedolce only shared office space with Rogers and Phillips. Yet when the DUI scandal broke Sanguedolce clearly named the firm as being his. You two need to get your stories straight!

(41) She threw out three DUI's from her 1st Assistant's (Sam Sanguedolce's) law firm. (Rogers, Phillips etc.)

(42) Sanguedolce working part time in DA office and part time in his private defense law firm is a massive conflict of interest. See article HERE

(43) Salavantis has obscenely politicized little Kevin Miller's death to disgusting proportions... especially since she tossed a man's third DUI was one month after Kevin was killed. Don't believe the her "heart breaks" act. She is a conniver. She wasn't thinking of this little boy when she was tossing 37 DUI's. 

(44)  The DA office could not be bothered with auto theft complaints from victims who were hit hard. Below is a list of fees that helped LAG steal cars. The criminal complaints I filed for people returned as "not prosecutable."  (don't bother us w/poor people's problems)

(45)  This 78 year old's car was crushed by LAG Towing and returned. It made the papers. DA response. NOTHING. (The DA has power to file charges at any time).

(46) The DA and others are guilty of misprision (failure to report a felony). EVERYBODY knew LAG Towing was stealing cars. I told Salavantis about "Cars for Cash" before she started as DA.

To be immodest for a second... I am the only person to help a LAG Towing victim

(47) She gave herself a raise ($172,000) without prosecuting a single case. Some in her office only make $21,000. She is a self-centered p--.

(48) Nearly every major crime statistic went up during her tenure. We clearly live in a more dangerous place. Did you know the DA is the highest law enforcement position in the county? Does anyone legitimately feel that this position should be held by our "child DA."

(49) Her "100 % homicide conviction rate" is very misleading. 

Question: If I take and make one shot - a lay up - in a basketball game... does this make me a perfect shooter? This is the skewed logic Salavantis uses in her conviction rate. She won't take on a case she might lose and she lets thousands of perpetrators off easy through plea deals. THE PROTECTION OF HER RECORD MAKES OUR AREA MORE DANGEROUS.

The perp (Mackey) who put this man into a coma walked with a misdemeanor.
Fundraisers were held at Burt and Urby's to pay medical expenses.
I helped with a few thousand.

(50) She had less than two years experience before the DA job.

(51) She has besmirched the name of all Public defenders and defense attorneys by claiming they are sickos who try and get "bad" people out the jail.

(52) She attended on of the worst law schools in the country, failed the bar, and was a poor student. I bring this up because of her sophomoric use of words at the debate: "bad people" and "bad crimes" and "I wish we could put a fence around the city."

(53)  She is the only DA in Pennsylvania to NOT prosecute a case.

(54)  Remember the promise about Jared Kane? What happened?

(55)  There remain 13 unsolved murders... but Salavantis brags about saving money. How do you think the families feel?

(56)  There remain 13 unsolved murders... and Salavantis brags about a 100 % homicide conviction rate? Do you think her portrayal of the situation is a bit unbalanced?

(57)  BIG LIE    In Times leader interview, she lied about working for a Supreme Court Judge. She just made it up.

(58) ANOTHER LIE  In Times leader interview, she lied when she said she would "absolutely" prosecute cases. Never happened.
$172,000 is too much for an office manager.

She hugs the Chief of Police, who if the law was 
applied evenly, would be in prison for decades. 
How many felonies did Gerard Dessoye overlook (auto 
theft, drug sales etc..)? The number is in the thousands.

(59) She mentioned that she was very close with attorneys Rogers and Phillips (same firm as Sanguedolce). 
      - Rogers has had a grand jury to meet regarding his activity
      - Attorneys Phillips and Todd Johns had Dui's tossed by the DA
      - Sanguedolce should NOT be working for the DA and for a      defense law firm.

(60)   Begs the question... why is only Vito Deluca the devil incarnate for defense work and not the alleged oft-imbibed Sanguedolce who does the exact same thing? 

(61)  Despite demonizing Jackie Musto Carroll and KIDS FOR CASH, Salavantis hired the person who spent the most time with Civiarella. This would be her first Assistant Sam Sanguedolce.

(62) Her friendship with defense attorney Peter Paul Olszewski
imo should be examined as the homicide of a young girl remains frozen in cryonics.

(63) Other murders such as Laurie Merritt remain extremely suspicious based on what hasn't been done and her relationship with a police detective.

(64)  Gas Gate was a bungled mess with Salavantis sounding more like Leighton's defense attorney than a prosecutor.

(65) She promised in the paper to open an office in Hazleton with an Assistant DA and a County Detective. This never happened... though she tried to trick people by putting a logo on a door.

(66)  Based on her assignments of County Detective Zola... this is what we have. Is anyone dumb enough to call this a fair arrangement?

(67) She claims she is writing legislation with Lisa Baker. The problem is - this is illegal. You cannot write legislation and prosecute the law at the same time. 

(68) Salavantis not only let three horses starve to death... but chided Tracy's Hope animal rescue charity for supporting DeLuca. 

(69) Rule 586 allows for lawyers to get preferential treatment over regular citizens in situations such as theft cases like occurred recently. Ridiculous.

(70)  She doesn't have the respect of law enforcement and she runs the court house like "the substitute teacher who lost control of the class."

(71) Theft of services (stealing from county)
         - having office manager to solicit court house employees
         - updating her political facebook page on company time
         - Salavantis asked her staff to go on a "dirt digging" mission on Vito DeLuca. It's a bit strange... don't you think that after 12 years she would be interested in this case?

(72) Vito Deluca has been extremely successful as solicitor for municipalities, schools, and as a defense lawyer. Over 20 years.

(73) Vito has a heart and is forward thinking. His goal is to empty the prisons and not fill them up.

(74)  Vito would be better known if he did spent time crossing the line. Salavantis referred to her (own) integrity the debate. She could not shine Vito's shoes. No one is perfect but Vito's record is essentially unblemished. 

(75)   Only "semi-personal piece" - Stefanie's mom told me to shut up when I uttered 3 words (non-profane) at the debate and has brought notoriety to herself while drunk at the casino... "Do you know who my daughter is?" (in papers so not personal). 

If you get a chance to meet Vito's family you will find three incredibly respectful sons who are clear headed and polite. Usually this reflects on the parents. Something to consider.

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