Thursday, October 29, 2015


(1) BREAKING NEWS: Tony George... again...  can't seem to follow the rules. See Times Leader article  HERE.  Each count is a misdemeanor. We are way past the point of calling it a simple mistake... it is part of a pattern of absent mindedness and  judgment of who counts on for support...
Frank Sorick and child

(2) However... bear in mind that the most grave concerns with Tony George is his support of the crimes of "KIDS FOR CASH" Judge Mark Civiarella (in a letter to both papers... in recent public statements... and in not retracting a single word)

- His KIDS FOR CASH statements and letters  See link HERE.
- His naivete in thinking there is no discrimination problem in W-B
- His not helping a single victim of the LAG Towing scandal in which hundreds of care were stolen
Tony George never helped this woman of 78. Private citizens did

- He did nothing to help with the protected drug house (100 police reports)
- His oblivion to details regarding his campaign
- His loss of control with this his supporters / campaign people
- His inability to do so many functions necessary for them mayoral position
- The nepotism that he and his family have taken for granted.
- The spectre of who he may bring in to city hall (McGroarty? Charlotte Raup?)
- His breaking of the no "pay to play" dinners weeks after he and Frank agreed not to.

(3) He claims that there is no need for an anti-discrimination policy while blinded by the nepotism for his family and others that has been a staple of employment in Wilkes-Barre for seemingly forever. 


Tony George Sr: He was Security Head for CTC which is part of the the W-B School district.
Tony George Jr: He is a teacher in the W-B School district.
Tony George’s wife: She used to work in the W-B School district. 

Louis Elmy: He is President of W-B School district (school board) and works for the prison.
* Louis Elmy's wife is a secretary in the Wilkes-Barre School district.
* James Elmy… Brother:  James Elmy also works at the Luzerne County Prison.
* Sister: Deizarae Height works as Secretary at at CTC which is part of the the W-B School district.
* This sister is  married to Jim Height: He was  charged for accepting $2,000 in cash for support he provided to a contractor regarding the W-B School District. 
* Another sister: Renee Post is married to James Post who is the Purchasing agent for W-B School District.
WB School District employee Jim Post is Elmy's brother-in-law. He was caught sending emails from a district computer to publicize a fundraiser for Louis Elmy. PENALIZED? Are you kidding me? With his connections and skin color?
 Kevin Elmy… Brother: Kevin Elmy is the head of maintenance at WB Area Vo Tech,,, part of the W-B School District.
*  Kevin Elmy’s wife: She works at the courthouse.
*  Samantha J Elmy:  hired as a school teacher in the W-B School District. She is the niece of Louis Elmy and daughter-in-law of Ned Evans. 
*  W-B School District board member and former principal Ned Evans was arrested for DUI. (Will Salavantis toss this one too?)

(4) Thom Greco... the convicted felon whose reputation follows him and was the one who paid for the illegal signs. (What is Thom Greco looking for as the biggest contributor?)
(5) Louis Elmy who on Thursday had fraud charges placed against him. On Halloween he broke the rules again! This is a misdemeanor.  Do you see a pattern among those who think rules were not made for them? There is a reason for the notation "paid for by... so and so." People paying for unauthorized signs is tantamount to unreported campaign contributions.
Thus we have Thom Greco, Lou Elmy, and Tony George guilty of the same infraction. Does anyone actually think that Tony George was going to disclose the "in-kind" contributions made by Thom Greco? Perhaps only because he was caught. Lou Elmy had better report who paid for his unauthorized signs.

(6) "Police rat" Charlotte Raup... who imo is the poster child for passive-aggressive behavior. "Sneak" is another word for it. Her "campaign management" entails posting personal information on the Soricks through her anonymous jackals who use aliases. Not wanting to be be disrespectful... but Tony George plays the role of "demented Grandpa." He has NO IDEA what "his people" are doing even after I e mailed him. His campaign is a total wreck... he CANNOT be Mayor !!
(7)   Ted Wampole hired from opposition in addition to Raup. He sent $250 "pay-to-play" invitaions breaking a Tony George promise. He even sent an invitation to Tony's opponent's mother.
(8)  Joe Wielgosz (facebook rat) who consistently threatens and challenges people to fights (hand to hand) and whose drinking habits have been the center of conversations (his behavior has been reported to Tobyhanna Army Depot).

(9) Campaign Finance Reports:
48 "so called" mistakes, Tony didn't even report donations made by his campaign manager Charlotte Raup, Another LARGE campaign contributor is well know city contractor Bob Stella of Stell Enterprises who donated $2,500, was "mistakenly" reported as “Bob Francella” of “Fraculla Enterprises.”.
  • Now I get it, it's a simple mistake. After all theirs NO way Stell told Tony "I'll give you this money, but I need you to hide it, in the event Brown wins the primary, because he might be vengeful". I'm sure something like that never happened!  After all I've spoken with several elected officials who ALL claim that they can ALWAYS recall instantly who their largest campaign donor is/was, even years after the election, 
Even though our child DA swept the case of 48 campaign finance violations under her political corruption rug, NEW charges have been filed regarding yet another campaign finance violation(s). See Times Leader article above.

(10) Tony George told a radio personality that he gets confused and sometimes has to call former Mayor McGroarty.

Tony George said he need help with paperwork. He will "make sure" he doesn't do it alone. He has said he will farm out financial work to the colleges if need be.

(12) He claims that being Mayor needs to be a team effort indicating he may not be able to handle the load.

(13) He has virtually no online skills which will likely absorb another employee and that expense.

(14) The Time Leader editorial staff, frustrated at the lack of disclosure regarding campaign errors on the part of Tony George, said, "If the 

people central to your campaign don’t grasp that, Mr. George, get new 
people. If you don’t grasp it, politely and swiftly remove yourself from the 



(16) He recently dodged an online public forum (Monday at 7pm) which Frank Sorick accepted. It is alarming when a former police chief dodges a public forum about crime.

(17) He cancelled with with the L.A. Tarone show which was a factor in WILK not endorsing him. 

(18)  He said he left the police chief position in 2007 because it was too stressful.

(19) When he ran for Mayor in 2007 and he withdrew his nomination because he did not have enough energy.

(20) How many pensions does one family need? FOUR? 3 for Tony and one for his wife?

(21) He doesn't need the money but won't take a pay cut like Frank Sorick will. 

(22) His mental readiness and skill set does not warrant an $85,000 salary. He has no vision or creativity.

(23) The city manager salary needs to be reduced as nepotism landed Barrouk his job and not his business management skills. He makes $85,000 salary. Only Sorick has promised to place certain salaries at realistic levels.

(24) Tony George just received an "October surprise" in the form of a gift from DA Salavantis who dropped campaign charges against George... this came a few days after his opponent, Frank Sorick, filed a complaint against Salavantis. Tony George was also let off on Gas Gate which was operational under his term as chief.

(25) Tony George has been "friending" President Ryan of King's College... the same man who put the students' security in the hands of Gerard Dessoye... the drug house protector and aider/abettor to the LAG Towing Criminal Enterprise.  What about Wilkes?  

Kings Connections (estimates)
Tony George
Four Leightons (more?)
Two Noones
Two Dessoyes
US Attorney Peter Smith
(even Sue Henry... sorry Sue... but you too... do you see Tony as a "King's man?")

I have many friends from King's... but connections turn into corruption at a given point. It is time to spread the wealth. Here is an idea... A MINORITY !!

26)  George is receiving money from the same old monied hacks that have appeared before. Joyce Insurance again... for a thousand bucks?


27) Bids are not given out fairly. Contracts were bought.
28) City residents are price-gouged.
29) Contractors may not give best service.

31) It is not surprising that Tony George received a favor from DA Salavantis. Apparently he had already has received one. You see, Tony George apparently filled his vehicle as part of Gas Gate without filling out that pesky paperwork! (from Council meeting)

32) As chief of police he told police to not file charges to keep paper work down... Times Leader story  HERE.

33) Frank has a clear advantage in skill sets. 

Business          Frank Sorick
Legal               Frank Sorick (para legal work)
Real Estate      Frank Sorick (owns company)
Budgeting       Frank Sorick
Marketing       Frank Sorick
Finance           Frank Sorick
Speaking         Frank Sorick
Accounting     Frank Sorick
TECHNOLOGY =  Tony George is so far behind will he need to add to the city payroll? I don't think he uses facebook.
Police    Tony George

34) Frank Sorick fought against Corruption
- Hawkeye camera scam    See HERE
- Against "Pay to Play"    See WILK Radio  HERE
-  Property tax scam...  NE Revenue was gaining successful bids on distressed properties and then collecting rent before paying for them (Judge Vough and same firm (Rogers) that was getting DUI's tossed by the DA). Think of the brains of Sorick to uncover this? 
-  Parking Authority scam (JJ Murphy $300 per hour)  See HERE
-  Gas Gate    See HERE
-  Helped woman stuck next to protected drug house. See HERE
-  Kept campaign pledges which includes no promises to anyone.
-  School Board Corruption   See HERE


- Protected Drug House (approx 100 calls)    Zero
- LAG Towing (about 1,000 victims)    Victims helped = Zero
- 80 year old Natalie Aleo car crushed by LAG    Zero
Sherman Hills violence     Zero
- Hawkeye Camera scam       Zero 
- Loaner cars / Fraudulent loans   Zero
- Gas Gate    He took part in
Parking Authority (Grand Jury called)    Zero
- Real Estate Shenanigans (below)   Zero


Visted victims
Me: Many times
Tony George: NEVER

Bought used cars/ made victims whole
Me: Bought several used cars for victims
Tony George: NEVER

Filed Criminal complaints regarding auto theft
Me: Filed for victims (the DA of course covered for the scam)
Tony George: NEVER (as a former police chief)

Paid off outrageous storage fees
Me: Paid Several for victims 
Tony George: NEVER

Responsible for FBI taking action
Me: See letter. I initiated everything (a lonely quest)
Tony George: He only rode thae bandwagon once it was started.

        Times Leader
        WILK Radio
        Friends of a "Leighton write-in"
        Luzerne County Crime Updates Group (12, 400 members)
        WB TRUTH BLOG    (2.21 million page views)
        Luzerne County & Wilkes Barre City 2015 Elections

38) TAKING IN THE POOR Frank's family has always found the heart 
to offer a room for someone down on their luck... regardless of race or ethnicity. Few people in the city have been this generous. Being a humble family... you would not 
have known this if not for me.

39)  Frank as a communicator. See radio interview  HERE

40) I, Mark M Robbins, am singularly the most educated person on both the WB 
Mayoral race and the District Attorney race... most especially in terms of corruption. I know more than any reporter and am certainly willing to disclose it.

I personally endorse:

- Vito DeLuca for District Attorney

- Frank Sorick for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre
Frank did more for the city as an unpaid volunteer than any paid city council member. 
This is your chance, folks, to head in a healthy direction.