Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Frank Sorick has demonstrated the composure necessary to be our next Mayor. The steadiness that Frank Sorick displayed "on air" in the presence of an angry Corbett was truly admirable. Frank was "guilty" of asking a question because word reached him that one of Frank's supporters threatened Steve Corbett (never happened).

Hear for yourself what happened on Anthony Antonello's show which taped the encounter... with Anthony's distinctive and and endearing Italian accent: Click  HERE

1:50 - 4:10     Frank asked a simple question and Corbett went off on an an apoplectic rant which was embarrassing to listen to. He used profanity, he called frank defamatory, and he asked for facts when it was Frank asking the question!!  Made no sense.

5:40 - 6:00    (previous hour) Corbett clearly states he was threatened. This is what Frank was calling about. Did Corbett forget he was threatened? Or more likely is he spreading defamatory remarks? Nobody can trace any threat anywhere.

Let me tell you about Corbett and why he loathes Frank. He hates Frank because he hates me... and I support Frank. It has nothing to do with Frank Sorick and everything to do with me.

During the LAG Towing scandal Corbett had Leo Glodzik on the air a number of times. Corbett coddled him like a child and repeatedly took shots at me for not having my facts. He has done this for four years. 

Then Leo Glodzik went to jail. Did I receive an apology from Corbett? No. Did I receive an admission that I was right all along? No. This is predictable from a man with the maturity of an adolescent.

This man is obviously upset with his station in life. He wishes he was smart enough to be an attorney - but he is not. I finally responded to one of his obnoxious e mails with the following... (paraphrase)... "I am sorry I have more education than you and I am sorry you went to California to make it big and failed. In your twilight you are stuck in the bottom-of-the-barrel market in Wilkes-Barre and you take out your frustrations as a result. I do not answer to you and I don't respect your work."
Did Corbett know me? No. We never spoke before. But presumably he couldn't handle the success of my blog.

Does Corbett know Frank Sorick? He has never interviewed him. They have never met.

I then showed him this message I received from the HEAD of the SCRANTON FBI.

From: Quinn, Sean
To: Mark Robbins

10/21/14 at 2:42 PM

Mr. Robbins, I wanted to personally thank you for your email message.  My colleagues and I always strive to serve the public; that means doing what it is right and just without regard to personal opinions or gain.  You have epitomized doing the right thing with your constant struggle to shine a light on what you have seen and experienced in your city and county.  I thank you for your efforts and encourage you to continue.  You have done a great deal of good in the recent past and can indeed take credit for helping to clean up some of the crime and other issues which exist in and around WB.  Keep working with us; your help is very valuable and very much appreciated.

SSRA Sean Quinn
Philadelphia Field Office
Scranton Resident Agency
235 North Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA  18503

Corbett falsely called Frank Sorick's remarks as rumor spreading, reckless, unfounded, untrue, scurrilous, defamatory,  and ridiculous. 

Frank had a reason to call and it is on tape. Corbett better hope that Frank Sorick wins or WILK will be deeply liable to Corbett's defamation. One week before the election. WOW !! Spreading lies is something WILK will be held accountable for. Is that a threat? YOU BET IT IS !



I asked Tony George personally to have Charlotte Raup and her jackals to stop harrassing the Sorick family over what is in actuality a legal legal arrangement to pay back taxes. Frank Sorick has not had the favor of nepotism and guaranteed life time employment in the ways that the Georges, Elmys, Majikes, Dessoyes, and Leightons have had. They are not part of the corrupt elite who are handed life time employment paid by the taxpayers. 

Here are the emails. Tony George agreed to stop attacking the family - but truth be told - he hasn't a clue who is rumming his campaign and who isn't. (Store in your memory bank)

I first asked Tony to stop the incessant attacks on the entire family (wife, son-in-law, everyone).

Well it hasn't stopped and this a good barometer to what we can expect from Tony George. He either forgets what he promises or doesn't care.

With that said I will need to bring up a "real estate" situation far more grave than some late taxes at the the Soricks. Despite being on the Louis Elmy School plan with a district teaching job... and both parents having been on the public dole, Tony George Jr could not hang on to a house that was worth approximately in the 60's. It was sold at a Sheriff's sale.

What father let's his son's house fall into foreclosure with mortgage payments of what? $250? It paints a troubling picture all the way around. What kind of dysfunction is going on there? 

As a public employee it is fair to ask questions. Gambling? Drinking? Drug abuse? Mental illness? I do not indicate anyone of these but the math does not work here given a teacher's salary. To repeat - I would not bring up if Tony George Sr. had any control over his campaign manager Charlotte Raup and her band of jackals.

As you know I have been focusing on performance and not personal aspects. Tony George's loss of control of his campaign forced my hand. I have been focusing on:

- His KIDS FOR CASH statements and letters
- His naivete in thinking there is no discrimination problem in W-B
- His not helping a single victim of the LAG Towing scandal in which hundreds of care were stolen
- He did nothing to help with the protected drug house (100 police reports)
- His oblivion to details regarding his campaign
- His loss of control with this his supporters
- His inability to do so many functions necessary for them mayoral position
- The nepotism that he and his family have taken for granted.
- The spectre of who he may bring in to city hall (McGroarty? Charlotte Raup?)
- His breaking of the no "pay to play" dinners weeks after he and Frank agreed not to.