Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The Editor of the Citizens Voice was contacted after private citizens were defamed on their Comments section where "posters" can hide behind aliases. Some people have anonymously posted 17,000 times. A simple request was made: Change to the Times Leader format where actual names are to be used (hats off to Times leader) Seems reasonable.

Editor Dave Janoski refused. Why?

D Janoski   Courtesy of Citizens Voice

Because the Comments section has turned into a blood sport where individuals are trashed, harrassed, and defamed. The Citizens Voice makes money off of the victims because the "blood sport" attracts views which attracts ad revenue.

Don't let your name be trashed for the benefit of the Citizens Voice. Join the lawsuit and get your money back (and then some). I am in contact with a Philadelphia Attorney who believes that the Citizens Voice willfully and deliberately allows defamatory and harassing postings to be made thousands of times. It is their site and they are responsible... the same way a school is responsible for lewd behavior from its President. In many ways the Citizens Voice is more responsible

I obviously post on this blog. But I don't hide behind an alias. Nor on Facebook. Nor on the Times Leader. Nor on the Citizens Voice (people know who I am). And people are free to e mail me through the site if a mistake is made.

Citizens Voice:
1) Allows perpetual use of fake names
2) Citizens Voice will not issue retractions even if someone was defamed.

The attorney is interested in suing both the individual posters (through sub poenas) and the the Citizens Voice itself. Criminal charges can also be filed in conjunction. "Free speech" does not mean you can wear a mask and defame people.

Here are some typical examples of "imposter's comments" (warning: hard to read) that are harrassing, defaming and even lewd.
1) (Name  here) is a Greek whore.
2) Mmmm... nice pants... do I see camel toe?

3) She is a flat out F'n C---
4) She was arrested for assaulting so and so (defamation... never happened).

5) One woman had minor charges dropped but it read like she was convicted (intentional distortion = defamation)
6) One comment had a man say to a Crestwood teenager: Why don't you lie down and take a map and never wake up?

7) So and so is a mysogynist (without ever laying eyes on the person).
8) I was pilloried in the paper for helping a family (3 kids) at Christmas  get back on their feet (was in TL before they changed to new format). Certain "anonymous jackals" felt one should never help a drug addict and bashed me non-stop. They of course did not give a thought to the three children.

9) Someone else had all of their private info disclosed including the make/model of car and license plate and home adress and even the names of the kids. I know that there are some "disabled" cops who can rapidly get info and then post as a phantom. Shouldn't we know which cops are doing this?

It is endless because the Citizens Voice allows it. A law suit appears the only way to bring sanity.

If any of you saw 20/20 last Friday it involved a murder over anonymous internet names. This is serious.

KUDOS to the TIMES LEADER for cleaning up their comments section. I encourage readers to patronize their paper over the Citizens Voice who wallows in smut (like putting the KKK on the cover).

Send me a private message on Facebook (Mark M Robbins) if you have been a victim of the Citizens Voice.