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Let’s all say a prayer today for the 3,000 children affected. We can’t be there but we can take a minute in silence for all the kids that were victims of the evil. And the ones that are not here in this world anymore .. please take a minute of your time today. I LOVE ALL OUR KIDS and pray for healing for those affected. An astonishing 3,000 children were affected by "Kids for Cash."

Today on Capitol Hill: A special “Youth Justice Awareness Month” event featuring champions of juvenile justice issues in urgent need for bipartisan reform. Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr., U.S. Rep. Tony Cárdenas, Coalition for Public Safety, Juvenile Law Center, ACLU Nationwide, FreedomWorks, Campaign for Youth Justice. 
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Corbett offers Mericle tickets for "Kids for Cash" movie



This is what Tony George said verbatim at the debate (10/21/15 against Frank Sorick for W-B Mayor).  "I did support Mark Civiarella for what he did for Wilkes-Barre Career and Technical Center (what about the rest of the county?). When kids came to him he said that if you violate what he says... you are guilty in front of him and that's exactly what he did. I have no problems with him... and the school and made it a safe environment for the other kids in the school."

Four years? 



MSNBC profiles Civiarella




Current members = 12,433   The best run and most followed Crime Page in the County. Solid news... informed readers. No gossip and sniping found on other poorly run sites. The head of the group is clear. She is a "KIDS FOR CASH" SURIVOR (as a mom)  "It is important that anyone who claims to support Mark Civiarella not be put in a position of authority." (Last Thursday at the debate Tony George endorsed the work of Mark Civiarella of "Kids for Cash" fame.)

This is what Tony George said verbatim at the debate (10/21/15 against Frank Sorick for W-B Mayor).  "I did support Mark Civiarella for what he did for Wilkes-Barre Career and Technical Center (what about the rest of the county?). When kids came to him he said that if you violate what he says... you are guilty in front of him and that's exactly what he did. I have no problems with him... and the school and made it a safe environment for the other kids in the school."

(2) Mayoral Candidate Brian Kelly wrote the following last week. (Once again Tony George is "asleep at the wheel.")

From Mayoral Candidate Brian Kelly:

(3) This group I will call "Friends of a Leighton write-in" that was called off. 

DISCRIMINATION    Tony George claimed at the debate that no anti-discrimination measures are needed (implying that discrimination doesn't exist). This is something voters need to take seriously because those that benefit (Tony and family) from cronyism/nepotism are the least likely to recognize it. If he is a dinosaur in his thinking at 64 he should not be put in a position to further squelch the rights of qualified citizens.

A Tony George administration will be an all-out crony-fest... with those who have given money first in line. Get ready for McGroarty and the Sullivans. They have suddenly arisen like a phoenix in the desert.

If there is any... any at all... validity to these stories then discrimination exists. And we know it does in many forms.

Citizens Voice

NEPOTISM: Discrimination based on family ties; Unfair practice of giving jobs to relatives

Tony George (from debate) claims there is no discrimination in Wilkes-Barre though his family clearly benefits from it. Has Tony George filed a single complaint against anyone or on behalf of a victim as former Chief of Police (over a decade). LAW and ORDER? Are you kidding me? 

- Rampant alcoholism and a DUI among these connected 37.
- Crimes from theft of services to racketeering to protecting drug house to covering up crimes... never a charge against anybody below (except one DUI)
- All 37 people are white. 
- Not one person has been fired (jobs for life)

Frank Sorick claims there is discrimination and an anti-discrimination policy needs to exist. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  (8 families / 39 entries)

* Tony George Sr: He is Security Head for the  WB Vo Tech school.
* Tony George Jr: He is a teacher in the W-B School district.
* Tony George’s wife: She used to work in the W-B School district. 

* Louis Elmy: He works for the  Luzerne County  Prison / work release
* Louis Elmy: He is President of Wilkes-Barre School district school board.
* Louis Elmy's wife is a secretary in the Wilkes-Barre School district.
* James Elmy… Brother:  James Elmy also works at the Luzerne County Prison.
* Sister: Deizarae Height works as Secretary at  WB Vo Tech school.
* This sister is  married to Jim Height: He was  charged for accepting $2,000 in cash for support he provided to a contractor regarding the W-B School District. 
* Another sister: Renee Post is married to James Post who is the Purchasing agent for W-B School District.

WB School District employee Jim Post is Elmy's brother-in-law. He was caught sending emails from a district computer to publicize a fundraiser for Louis Elmy. PENALIZED? Are you kidding me? With his connections and skin color?

 * Kevin Elmy… Brother: Kevin Elmy is the head of maintenance at WB Area Vo Tech. 
*  Kevin Elmy’s wife: She works at the courthouse.
 Samantha J Elmy:  hired as a school teacher in the W-B School District. She is the niece of Louis Elmy and daughter-in-law of Ned Evans. 

*  W-B School District board member and former principal Ned Evans was arrested for DUI. (Will Salavantis toss this one too?)

*  Thomas Leighton works in city Hall
*  Leighton's brother works for County Children and Youth
*  Leighton's brother works for County Probation Services
*  Leighton's son works for W-B School District
*  Leighton’s cousin is City Solicitor (Bill Vinso) works in city Hall

*  Leighton’s Cousin Gerard Dessoye was appointed WBPD Chief by Leighton
*  G Dessoye's wife works in city hall.
*  G Dessoye's brother (Mike) works in court house as Detective.
*  Dessoye's and Leighton's nephew, Chris Gray, is a teacher in the W-B School District.

*  Frank Majikes works at WB Vo Tech school.
Lore Majikes, Frank Majikes’ wife, was the City’s Special Events Coordinator (still?)
*  John Majikes works in WBPD
*  Barbara Majikes Smith was Dessoye’s Secretary at WBPD
*  Her husband Donnie Smith was Manager at Lag Towing
Jeanmarie Majikes is married to W City Clerk Jim Ryan

*  Joe Noone works for the Scranton FBI
*  James Noone is a detective in the W-B Courthouse
*  Marty Kane is WB Magistrate
*  Kathy Kane is WB Controller
*  Baby Kane (Jared) is in Florida under the Salavantis protection program

These people are also never fired... and there is massive alcoholism amongst them.

 ... I am sure I am missing many

As you can see the evaluations below are based on performance and not personal attacks. This is what has occurred over the past number of years. I hope if I lead you to water that you will drink.

Leighton created corruption (Criminal) See Scorecard at bottom

Tony George overlooked it (Negligence)
- Kids for cash comments at debate and letter   See HERE
- Did not help a single victim from LAG Towing  See HERE
- Did not protect woman/daughter from drug house  See HERE
- Broke campaign promise with $250 "Pay per play" dinner
- Claims there is no need for anti-discrimination laws while Lou Elmy provides jobs for only white "family and friends."

Frank Sorick fought against it (Courage)
- Hawkeye camera scam    See HERE
- Against "Pay to Play"    See WILK Radio  HERE
-  Property tax scam (see chart below)... How many people are intelligent enough to uncover this? 
-  Parking Authority scam (JJ Murphy $300 per hour)  See HERE
-  Gas Gate    See HERE
-  Helped woman stuck next to protected drug house. See HERE
-  Kept campaign pledges which includes no promises to anyone.
-  School Board Corruption   See HERE

I will help you get elected if you help me get elected”      
All in the "Elmy",,, Public money supporting family trees.

NOTE: Everyone below is white (caucasian)... and Tony George claims at debate there is no discrimination issues. WAKE UP TONY!

From Times leader editorial (June 17 2015). A similar editorial was written 2 years ago by the TL...

Give credit to Wilkes-Barre Area School Board Vice President Louis Elmy for his persistence — as in, how he persists in blatantly ignoring calls for this embarrassing board to embrace higher standards of conduct.

Elmy’s wife, who works for the school district, recently received a new job title and salary. A majority of the nine-member board voted this month to move Sandy Elmy from teacher’s aide, a part-time post she held for several years, to Kistler Elementary School secretary. Presumably that makes her eligible for health care and other benefits.

Her hubby had publicly supported a failed attempt last year to get Sandy Elmy an upgrade in her capacity as teacher’s aide. Not to be overlooked, board member Robert Corcoran lobbied hard at that August 2012 meeting for his wife to get an upgrade, too. Each man abstained from voting for his own beloved but voted yes for the other man’s wife. Due to the abstentions, those efforts were mired in a 4-4 tie.

Fourteen months later, the votes finally swung in favor of the Elmys.

This situation might seem less despicable if it were an isolated case during another era in an otherwise upstanding school district. But this is 2013 in Wilkes-Barre Area — Luzerne County’s most corruption-tainted district, widely considered to be a place that historically has employed people by following a strategy that sounds as if it was borrowed straight from a cellphone plan: strictly “friends and family.” Bribes also have been used to secure teaching jobs here.

This urban, public school district had no written teacher hiring policy until last year. Its board only drafted a written policy, begrudgingly it seemed, following the high-profile guilty pleas in 2009 and 2010 of a handful of then-current and former board members who had engaged in passing bribes involving would-be teachers or business owners seeking contracts with the district.

No sooner was the new policy in place, however, than the board majority began to soften it.

Today, as has been the case with prior versions of this board, certain members bravely call for progressive changes. But the controlling clique perpetually clings to the past, stonewalling most reforms.

Voters should keep that in mind next month when selecting candidates for open board seats. Quiz candidates concerning their beliefs about serving as a board member of a publicly funded institution: Would they dare run for the office if a relative already worked there? Would they remove themselves from the post, not just abstain from certain sensitive votes, if a relative were to seek employment there?

To be clear, Louis Elmy runs afoul of no law by serving on the board.

And, Sandy Elmy might make a super secretary. Apologists will say she should not be treated any differently — or have perceptions of her performance tainted — because her husband helps to oversee and guide the school district’s operations.

And they’re right. She deserves to be judged entirely based on her merits.

Which means her husband should not be serving on this school board — the very body that most likely will be voting soon on a newly negotiated contract involving school secretaries’ salaries.

He should resign before that vote.


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