Sunday, October 18, 2015


The Coward

Salavantis has agreed to face off with Vito DeLuca... for an hour.

See Salavantis's corruption HERE in a 30 second ad.

The forum will be held from 7 to 8 p.m. Oct. 29 at the Buckingham Performing Arts Center at Wyoming Seminary in Kingston and is open to the public.

Salavantis will need "skee-daddle" out at 8 PM  for Cheerleading practice.

Despite falsely saturating Jackie Carroll Musto four years ago with "negativity and desperation" (Kids for Cash)... Salvantis is accusing Vito Deluca with "negativity and desperation."  WHY?  Because Vito Deluca has dared to look at her record.

100 % Murder convictions?  Because the perpetrators of the "harder" case she let's go free. We have 12 murderers walking the streets because Salavantis doesn't want to hurt her "per centage." Do you call this justice? 

And did you know her First Assistant (Sanguedolce) spent more time in Civiarella's court room than any other attorney. Talk about hypocrisy.

Who should vote for Salavantis?
1) If you benefitted from her tossing out your DUI
2) If you are an attorney who has Salavantis in your "hip pocket"
3) If you truly feel sorry for a "girl" (and she wants you to see her as such as a sympathy ploy) making $172,000 per year. This after never prosecuting a case after promising she would (it's on tape). She stands alone in the state as the only DA in this regard.

$172,000 for an office manager?

She raises money from many corrupt lawyers who have tainted her. Can you imagine being a DUI attorney where you can promise your client their case will be dismissed? Or anyone else?

Potential examples:
1) Atty Todd Johns getting at least three DUI's tossed
2) Gas Gate   18,000 gallons taken  (Leighton / Tony George not charged)
3) Olszewski representing the guy who allegedly ran over and killed Becca McCallick. Where has that gone? Waiting out the time clock?
4) How long will she hold out for Jared Kane (Marty Kane supported Salavantis)?
5) The four African American kids (girl shot in back) on Friday with defense attorney's Moses, Sklarosky having charges dismissed. And they get a private court room? Are you kidding me!
6) Laurie Merritt is murdered as part of an arson. Whos is being protected here?

The list can go on forever....

Folks, she tricked us four years ago. She tricked me. She is at least 15 years away from being ready to be DA (highest law enforcement officer in county). Vito DeLuca has 22 years experience. We MUST vote him in. The corruption we see in the DA's office will only snowball.