Saturday, October 10, 2015


I like Tony George. Always had nice words with him. I just don't think he should be Mayor.

I can give 20 reasons. He has all but said he is not ready to be Mayor thru his own statements and letters to the editor and through other paraphrased statemements. My opinions are as follows:

1) He told a radio personality that he gts confused and sometimes has to call former Mayor McGroarty.

2) He said he need help with paperwork. He will "make sure" he doesn't do it alone.

3) His campaign errors indicate his sloppiness. Is it it an intentional error to fill out campaign work from memory? Or is it slipshod work?

4) He has said he will farm out financial work to the colleges if need be.

5) He claims that being Mayor needs to be a team effort indicating he may not be able to handle the load.

6) He has virtually no online skills which will likely absorb another employee and that expense.

7) The Time Leader editorial staff, frustrated at the lack of disclosure regarding campaign errors on the part of Tony George, said, "If the people central to your campaign don’t

 grasp that, Mr. George, get new people. If you don’t 

grasp it, politely and swiftly remove yourself from the 




8) He recently dodged an online public forum (Monday at 7pm) which Frank Sorick accepted. It is alarming when a former police chief dodges a public forum about crime.

9) He said he left as police chief in 2007 because it was too stressful.

10) When he ran for Mayor in 2007 and he withdrew his nomination because he did not have enough energy.


11) THIS JOB IS A GOLD MINE for Tony George?

$50,000 current pension 
$85,000 salary
Pension from Security at Votech
Another Pension as Mayor

Face it, folks, this is nothing but a money grab!

12) NEPOTISM   He already has a son and wife in the Wilkes-Barre Schoolm District. Can he truly be a public servant while his family pulls in $250,000? I say no way.

13) Crooked connections

I heard a quote from the Nepotism King of the Nation (whose lackey was just caught sending illegal campaign e mails)... Louis Elmy. Elmy said, "I will get you elected if you get me elected."

14) Tony George just received an "Ocober surprise" in the form of a gift from DA Salavantis who dropped campaign charges against George... this came a few days after his opponent, Frank Sorick, filed a complaint against Salavantis.

15) Tony George has been "friending" President Ryan of King's College... the same man who put the students' security in the hands of Gerard Dessoye... the drug house protector and aider/abettor to the LAG Towing Criminal Enterprise.

16)  Word has it that George is receiving money from the same old monied hacks that have appeared before. I will wait for the campaign reports.

17)  He broke a promise to Frank Sorick when Tony George hosted a "Pay to Play" $250 per plate dinner. 

18) By hosting a "Pay to Play" dinner Tony George has likely gave a contracts to:

a) Contractors that are not best suited
b) Contractors who will likely be allowed to price gouge unwitting citizens.

19) Tony George hired George Brown's campaign manager. George Brown was his Primary opponent. This was a bizarre move. Tomy Geoege then sent a "Pay to Play" invitation to George Brown's mom!!  How disrespectful.

20) It is not surprising that Tony George received a favor from DA Salavantis. Apparently he had already has received one. You see, Tony George apparently filled his vehicle as part of Gas Gate without filling out that pesky paperwork! (from Council meeting)

Tomorrow I will focus on the many city scandals and how it was the citizen activists that came to the aid of victims... and not Tony George. He was a no show.

Letter to the Editor: George Brown supporter questions motive of another contender for Wilkes-Barre mayor post

First Posted: 11:25 pm - May 12th, 2015 - 381 Views 

Why is Tony George running for mayor of Wilkes-Barre? Is it to get another taxpayer pension?
When do we say enough?
Tony George receives nearly $50,000 a year as a retired city police officer. He is working on his second taxpayer-funded pension as a school resource officer at Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center.
Now, he wants to be mayor so that he can collect two pensions and his mayoral salary of $85,000. In a city where the average taxpayer probably makes $30,000 a year, Tony, if successful, would be collecting an $85,000 salary, a nearly $50,000 police pension and another pension from Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center – all this while working on yet another Wilkes-Barre city pension. In addition, his wife and son are employed by the Wilkes-Barre Area School District. Again I ask, when do we say enough?
By his own admission, on the Steve Corbett show, Tony stated that he calls former Mayor Tom McGroarty when he has questions. When asked why, he said he gets confused. When he was chief of police, he retired early because it was too stressful. When he ran for mayor in 2007, he withdrew his nomination because he did not have enough energy. If he did not have enough energy and could not handle the stress of being the head of one department, how will he handle the stress as mayor? I am sure the stress level of mayor must be much higher than that of a department head.
Of course, he does have his old boss and friend, former Mayor McGroarty, who he calls when he is confused. Confused, stressed out and not enough energy – who really will be mayor? The energetic Tom? Will Tony be a figurehead? Will he be McGroarty’s puppet?
I will be voting for George Brown, a man who has served his district well. He listened to the people and rectified many problems in the district that he serves. Other than representing District A as a councilman, neither Mr. Brown nor hisfamily have ever been employed by the taxpayer. Mr. Brown has the credentials and education to run the city of Wilkes-Barre. A bachelor’s degree in human resources, master’s degree in organizational management and 38 years of administrative work for multinational companies makes him the most qualified to serve as mayor of Wilkes-Barre.
Pat Carr