Thursday, October 8, 2015

I voted for you, Stefanie. And I was tricked.

Below is article from your web site:

1) I voted for you, Stefanie. Others that I know voted for you. The ONLY reason we voted for you was that you convinced us through expensive TV ads that Jackie Must Carrroll was a key fgure in Kids for Cash. We now know that this was a lie

2) You then hired Sam Sanguedolce who spent two years in "Kids for Cash" court with Civiarella. Wow. He has since been exposed for corruption with DUI'S and other simissed cases

3) We were tricked in another way. We assumed (and it is difficult for the common man to research) that you had legitimate qualifications. You were not anywhere ready for this job and you still aren't based on your phobia for the court room. 

4) Your job has become one of favors for friends and family. It is a farce and my research of professional standards shows that a high level complaint is necessary. You can expect this shortly.

Not surprisingly, my opponent continues his spate of misinformation and deliberate falsehoods. The truth, which he knows, is that the only date I was provided to speak to the League of Women Voters was already occupied by an event at which I was the main speaker. My campaign has been in contact with the League about other dates.
It is unfortunate that my opponent has now resorted to desperation and name calling in his press releases. I had hoped that the voters could havebeen treated to a real discussion of ideas to move Luzerne County forward, but by his recent actions he seems more interested in mudslinging than talking about issues that matter. I will continue to talk about the positive efforts that we have been putting forth to fight crime in our communities and advocate and protect the victims of crime.
I am very proud of the accomplishments made by the men and women in my office. Over the last four years we have better utilized our resources, seeing cases through to conviction, collaborating with law enforcement and saving taxpayers over a quarter of a million dollars in our last budget. I look forward to talking about issues that matter and continuing to serve the people of Luzerne County.