Sunday, October 4, 2015


PINNED INTRODUCTION: (BLOG POST STARTS BELOW) I know for myself that by putting myself out there by buying cars for victims of LAG Towing and paying for 3 funerals and medical bills and taxes to preserve homes... and exposing the LAG Towing story and the loaner car/credit union story and forcing corrupt individuals out of office... I have been selectively targeted by police and the DA and have been denied the ability to file my own charges (FF Police via coercion from WB Police and repeatedly by DA), have been set up by Dessoye's police (using a severely mentally ill person), and have gone to court 9 times from corrupt officials.... even threatened with 90 days in jail if I didn't plead guilty to a summary offense (the extent of my record) for a 2:40 phone call. 

I am working on my second Masters (MBA in 1996... now Religious leadership/social transformation). It is because of the work I have done that I was accepted at a top tier university. Most people don't realize there is more to Christianity than memorizing verses. I encourage you to listen as I have "walked the walk" more than anyone in this county. Right down the middle.


Not by the DA, not by Tony George, or anyone... except private unpaid citizens.  It is a "cosmic joke" to think that only Leo Glodzik took a fall.

I offered to but back for Senta Boyer; Glodzik refused
Was the title loaned against as part of Credit Union gate?
Senta Boyer gets a new car
Local paper; Times leader

80 year old Natalie Aleo had her car dropped off like this
LAG Towing crushed it in the shop
Frank Sorick, Linda Urban, Brenda Meehan, and I took her a collection.
Bill Barrett threw the jug of money at us at Council Meeting when we tried to pass. I am not joking.