Friday, October 2, 2015


DA Salavantis is motivated two things
1) Political Favor
2) Retribution

Dismissing the campaign charges against Tony George just days after Frank Sorick (George's Mayoral competitor) filed charges against her for her illegal campaign maneuvers (scroll to see) is exactly what it seems - retaliation.

Consider... have you notice how Jared Kane is being protected? His charges happened months before Tony George. How did Tony George jump ahead of him? There is no coincidence here.
Marty Kane will see his son never faces the music... unless Vito Deluca is the DA!!  (Pray that this happens... and vote!!)

Oh, but it gets worse. Remember an investigation called Gas Gate? All Leighton, right? Wrong. Tony George could not avoid filling up and since he's "paperwork challenged"... he didn't fill out the proper forms. He admitted as much at a council meeting when he was challenged by Leighton.

So it would be accurate to say that Salavantis gave Tony George a "pass" once already. Now this is a second time. Why are police chiefs held to the lowest standard possible?

A relationship is being groomed. A corrupt relationship. And there are many favors being distributed when one looks at the 189 cases thrown out.

Salvantis does not like critics. And she hates me the most. The DA had their hand in a recent Summary Offense hearing. But that matter is in front of the disclipinary board (which is like the fox watching the henhouse... worth a try I guess).  But I will print every detail. It will astonish you. The corruption has bled to the Judiciary. The Judge will lie and I will tell the truth. Most will believe me.

Salavantis and her DA cesspool of corruption cannot outrun the light. The high beams are on. Good luck. I like my odds. 

Meanwhile... Tony George claims he needs help... he needs a team... he needs to give others paperwork.... he needs to farm out finances. Are kidding me? DOES HE NEED A BIB FOR HIS APPLE SAUCE?

What can he actually do?

What are his skills?

Do you want demented Grandpa as Mayor?

Or do you want the super skilled Frank Sorick?

... a man who keeps promises and doesn't take gas that doesn't belong to him?