Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tony George blows off (yet another) citizen in her time of need.

See HERE  for 3 minute testimony.
See HERE  for info backing up Brenda's story (WB Truth's most viewed post ever...   11,509)

I hope citizens can grasp the size and scope of Tony George's negligence. I estimate 1,000 cars (2 per week times 10 years)were stolen by LAG Towing (using various illegal means).

NOT ONCE did Tony George file a criminal complaint for a citizen as a Councilman and former WBPD chief. To my knowledge I am the only one who tried to file a complaint on behalf of citizens (rejected by Salavantis who I gave full knowledge about "Cars for Cash" before she was the DA).

Please ponder the economic death trap of having poor families lose their car sometimes in the middle of winter. Trust me... they don't recover. It is horrible.

Tony George did not lift a finger to help this 78 year old lady who had her car crushed by Leo Glodzik (LAG) and who then dumped the car in front of her house. In the weeks to follow citizens saw this lady (Natalie Aleo) struggle to navigate the hilly sidewalks near Coal Street.

This same person (T George) still defends "Kids for Cash" This is what he said verbatim at the debate (10/21/15 against Frank Sorick for W-B Mayor... like Tony's brain - it does not flow real well).  "I did support Mark Civiarella for what he did for Wilkes-Barre Career and Technical Center (what about the rest of the county?). When kids came to him he said that if you violate what he says... you are guilty in front of him and that's exactly what he did. I have no problems with him... and the school and made it a safe environment for the other kids in the school."

Go to 11:50 mark for topic of KIDS FOR CASH (Frank Sorick and then Tony George)
  Wilkes-Barre mayoral seat contenders, Frank Sorick and Tony George, faced off at King's College's Burke…

Letter From Tony George supporting Civiarella.