Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hugo's Groupies & WB policeman

Imagine asking a little girl: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Jenna DeSanto courtesy of Citizen's Voice

And she says: "I want to go to school to help somebody who buries murdered bodies in their back yard. I will go to paralegal school just for that. Just think... I could bring goody bags and his friends to him at prison... and if I get really good I could tamper with witnesses. Yep. That is my life's calling! Is that so wrong?"

The June 16, 2012 Citizen's Voice (D Janoski) wrote that Jenna DeSanto "acted as a conduit between Selenski and his lawyers, forwarding messages and documents." Hmmm.... any relation to the three we read about this week. The three that put their careers and reputation on the line to allegedly help a killer?

While most of us found Selenski's escape to be daring... even stupid... obviously some of the female persuasion found it erotic.

If there is a devil... Hugo Selenski is it. Anything he gets near dies either a moral or a physical death.

Shout out
Last week in my blog I wrote of the respect I have for Officer Casey. I would like to "shout out" Officer Alan Gribble. A few moths ago I had to get fingerprinted as part of "Creepy letter - gate" and Alan was the officer at the window. Being finger printed at the police station is no one's idea of fun. I am sure that was the intention. But Alan treated me with respect which I appreciated.

I had talked to Alan at the theater before and at one point saw him with his kids. On another occasion I saw him wearing a bullet proof vest (on a 90 degree day). Seeing his kids and how he must protect himself informed me what was at stake every time he is on duty.

And this goes for all of the police... even ones I have called out in the past. What they are asked to do is different than normal "hero work." We call someone a hero when they pull a toddler out of a burning home. If they die they are a martyr.

But what about getting a call to Sherman Hills between two drug dealing section 8 cheats from Elizabeth, New Jersey? I believe I read a gun was raised this week on a Sherman Hills call. Yikes! It is so volatile. We trumpet the exploits of police when a helpless child or lady is saved. And we should. 

But what about when an officers are called to settle a fight between two miscreants? Well in my book you are our "silent heroes." It is too bad that at times you are called to risk your lives for so little.