Saturday, January 11, 2014

Willful police neglect of hate crimes

The person sending me the lewd letters like the one I received today (below) knows many, many people that I either know or are friends with. The intersection is very big.

received Jan 11  2014  (btw record views yesterday... more than 1,600... only one of 1,600 people stood up for police chief Hunsinger... his life long friend - the FF Mayor... what a surprise!)

Federal hate crimes apply (in this case against homosexuals) whether the homosexuality is "real or perceived." In this case it is real because of my own child. The crazed letter sender clearly knows this because she has in 6 months pointed out specific parts of my life only a few know about. She has been friends with my friends (who want no part of her now).
I am not gay... but
these habitual letters are attempts 
to shame me 
for having a gay child.

This bothers me. I hope it bothers you. 

A well known elected official and a TV personality have stepped forward to try and help me. They see the "hate" in these hate crimes... even if Corrupt FF police chief Hunsinger can't. More accurately, Hunsinger won't because he has crossed the line of corruption and can't turn back.

Cross Pollination of Corruption    It took a Corrupt FF chief Hunsinger to work in concert with the corrupt WB Chief Dessoye (and/or his minions) to make this mess a reality And it could happen again oh so easily. 

Reality checks (for those that find this whole thing incredulous):

A) It is me, the receiver of these letters, that is accused of being the harasser. I am headed towards a jury trial to defend myself for calling the sender of the letters.

B) FF chief Hunsinger saw letters like the one below and was OK with them. He refused to do any investigation whatsoever. He didn't even call the creepy letter sender (he had her phone number).

C) Do you think that there may be some mental illness involved with the sender of the letters? I did. This is why I offered to pay (yes... me pay) for this girl to get counseling when I spoke to her.

D) Do you think that Hunsinger may suspect the same thing? That there is some danger of escalation with a girl who is obviously crazy? I am receiving a letter every third day now? 

E) Instead he granted the favor asked by the WB police. This involved snuffing me out from any valid form of justice. (see yesterday's post to see how this works).

HUNSINGER... if this escalates any further and somebody gets hurt... there will be blood on your hands. This is a mess that you helped fuel and you are looking the other way.

This woman is obviously not of sound mind. 

But your loyalty is to the legal charade you and the WB police cooked up.

What is stopping you from filing charges against this woman now? The fact that I criticize you? Is that the reason?

Here is the flowchart of corruption

Creepy letter sender gets call from me and then calls police 

WB police are only too happy to file charges against a leading activist (They just take her word and never interview me).

> WB police call FF Police to make sure I am stonewalled. Stonewall is successful.  

They next "doctor" a police report with a misdemeanor in it (Six days after the fact; again I am not interviewed... they could have put anything in).

 The misdemeanor is important because this calls for a preliminary hearing for a trial 

>  Magistrate Whitaker would move a ham sandwich to trial if he could if it would curry favor with the police

>  I am forced to defend myself at a jury trial against the person sending me the creepy letters.

Good link to hate and bias crime:

Trailer to Kids for cash movie:

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