Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kathy Kane can fill in for Elise Mosca

Let us compare Ms. Mosca's judgment to another (former) first grade teacher. In fact, why doesn't Kathy Kane fill in for Mosca because she has no qualifications to be city controller.

First... the video of WB school teacher Elise Mosca that was floating around the internet was about as salacious as watching someone in their pajamas. She was sitting on a couch for goodness sakes! You would see more of Ms. Mosca sitting by a public pool than in this video. 

Here's a thought: Why don't we leave Ms. Mosca alone and focus on another former teacher who claims the world doesn't treat her fairly. Or perhaps we can focus on the impaired judgment of a MARRIED Magistrate who was openly kissing someone not his wife at the bar at Katana's to the horror of those that had to watch this train wreck. 

How do you transition from that type of blackout drinking to being a fair and impartial Magistrate of sound mind? You don't. The effects of alcohol and/or drugs do not magically turn off like TV's "the clapper." In fact, he and the other "alcoholic elite"of WB are compromised 24/7. 

People's freedoms are at stake in front of a Magistrate. Blackout drinking from a man in his shoes needs to be part of public knowledge.