Friday, January 10, 2014

Loathing the lying LAG and Leighton

Loathing the lying LAG and Leighton

There are two types of lies. There are…
1)     Lies of Commission
2)     Lies of Omission

Leighton and city officials pulled off a whopper of a lie today. A lie of omission.

Did you folks know there was an arbitration hearing today with LAG Towing?

Well neither did I. I don’t believe the word “pee” is a curse word… so I would like to ask the Mayor: “Why don’t you just take a pee on the public?” It would be more direct and it wouldn’t hurt as long.

Do you think that some of the victims would have liked to attend? Maybe Natalie Aleo would have liked to see what happened to the guy who destroyed her car?

LAG is a public contractor to a city. This meeting should have been open. (Or was an announcement made in a sneaky way?  … posted to a 3rd floor window perhaps?)

Who knew? Likely candidates:

Captain Bob Hughes who “towed and sold.” He sold cars from LAG on consignment.

I bet Officer John Majikes knew of it (to take a LAG bribe is the way to promotion at WBPD).

I bet Officer Collins knew (That Mercedes still available, Leo?)

I bet Officer Crawford knew (Why did you quickly return the loaner car if it wasn’t a bribe?)


Will there be justice or will it be thrown into the “rabbit hole.”

When Leighton’s mouth is open he’s lying (or perhaps drinking).

When Leighton’s mouth is closed he’s hiding.