Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Please step aside Miss DA

See Anti-Corruption Toolkit after the Times Leader editorial. I know of at least 2 citizens who have written letters. The WB Taxpayer Assoc will be following up on the  issues with letters and complaints.

Why not you? Why not now? A letter need no be fancy... nor even typed. It need only contain your sentiments. If you sit in disgust and do nothing... you are no better than a "clanging cymbal."

But why go through with this?  Ms. Salavantis - please resign. There is dignity in leaving a job you weren't ready for. If you truly cared about the welfare of the people... you should politely step aside. You have had a two year grace period. It's time.

TIMES LEADER     OUR OPINION: DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE missing fuel case lingers too long

January 06. 2014 11:53PM
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The mysterious disappearance in Wilkes-Barre of tens of thousands of gallons of fuel from the city’s Public Works Department merited a serious and speedy criminal investigation, not the foot-dragging folly that continues to unfold.

Eighteen months after the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office supposedly started a careful review of the matter, it has nothing to publicly show — except egg on its face. Its inability or unwillingness to file charges in a timely fashion, or to explain why they are unwarranted, erodes public confidence. It also suggests the case might better have been handled by another agency.

The Times Leader first reported on discrepancies at the fuel pumps on July 1, 2012.

The state Department of Environmental Protection sprang into action, determining the problem wasn’t a leak in the underground tanks but rather troubles of the human variety, most likely shoddy record keeping. By mid-July 2012, District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis assigned two detectives to the case.

Since then, the state Department of Revenue did its own review, faulting the city for its failure to properly account for about 67,000 gallons of fuel dispensed between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2012. It required the city to pay $23,000 in tax, for fuel initially purchased tax-free, plus a modest penalty of less than $2,500 and about $600 in interest. The city subsequently appealed that decision and lost.

Meanwhile, Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton admitted he had gassed up his personal vehicle at the tanks without filling out fuel logs, yet indicated his driving was for city business. Separately, it was widely reported that certain employees admitted they had stolen fuel, some by putting it in portable containers, then later transferring it to their personal vehicles.

The DA initially estimated her office’s investigation would wrap up in January 2013. It did not.

In April 2013, Salavantis said she expected within a few weeks to announce whether criminal charges would be filed, noting the case was time-consuming. “We had boxes and boxes of documents we had to go through,” she said. “We’d do one interview, and find five more people we’d want to follow up with.”

No announcement was immediately forthcoming.

In December, she conceded the investigation would continue into 2014, pinning the problem partly on an inability to schedule interviews during the holidays. Apparently, justice is not only blind but also partial to some Christmas downtime.

Embarrassingly, Salavantis last week supplied this shocker: The investigation will last even longer than it otherwise would have because, until informed by a reporter with The Times Leader, her office was unaware that the state DEP’s staffers already had looked into the disappearing fuel fiasco, so had not asked for or reviewed their records.

“We had no idea that DEP was involved,” Salavantis said. “We are definitely following up on that.” (Mark Robbins note: This is too much to believe. The DEP checking for leaks at the pumps was a huge issue. It was in both papers. No investigator could have missed this. In my opinion Salavantis is lying here. The DA making false statements is, in my book, tantamount to corrutption.)

No idea?

Is the public to believe the topic of DEP’s involvement never arose during the course of all those pre-holiday interviews or, say, during a cursory look at any newspaper account of the fuel caper during the past year and a half?

Seemingly, Salavantis’ most recent statement indicates the DA’s Office either isn’t approaching this case sincerely or it needs to renew its newspaper subscription.

Skeptics understandably will say politics is at play; from the get-go, some people asked that the state Attorney General’s Office handle this probe. Their concern: Mike Dessoye, chief of Luzerne County detectives, is the brother of Wilkes-Barre Police Chief Gerry Dessoye, who was appointed by Mayor Tom Leighton.

Salavantis assured there would be no conflict. Her office needed to do more on its own, she said, rather than referring cases to outside agencies.

Perhaps the district attorney will one day provide a plausible explanation for why this investigation dragged on. Until then, people’s trust is running on empty. END.

ANTI-CORRUPTION ACTIVIST TOOL KIT (for both private citizens and public employees)
1)     Anybody (cop, private citizen, official etc.) can file a claim. THOSE CLOSE TO THE ACTION SHOULD DEFINITELY FILE. THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING TO LOSE…. AND YOU HAVE THE MOST INFO TO OFFER. 30% can be yours! See below.
2)     It is strictly confidential. I know this because I filed against LAG two yrs ago. So LAG is “taken.” I have been in touch with an IRS agent during this time.
3)     You can “win” 30% (I believe) for all taxes owed. I believe that 8  years (not just 6 months) of Gas Gate will reveal more than a million dollars of stolen gas and unpaid taxes. Gas taken by anyone illegally must be reported as income!! 
4)     I have filed against LAG… and could file against Leighton and other tax cheats… but I am leaving open for others to have a piece of the pie. I know many who could use the money.

1) GoogleIRS Tax fraud in Fresno California

2) Click on How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?

3)  Click on Form 3949-A  in the middle and fill out

4) Mail to:  IRS    Stop C2003   Fresno CA  93888

Or go to link: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/How-Do-You-Report-Suspected-Tax-Fraud-Activity%3F

You can be rewarded up to 30 % of what is owed (I think that is the per cent)

What you can file:

·         False Exemptions or Deductions
·         Kickbacks  -  LAG Kickbacks; pay to play, hockey tickets given as influence
·         False/Altered Document  - Such as the rumored false documents regarding gas usage of DPW from DPW workers, cops, and firemen etc.
·         Failure to Pay Tax – See unreported income
·         Unreported Income  – Loaner cars from LAG (with all the loaners LAG claimed… this could have a value of at least $200,000)
-         Gas stolen by Leighton and many others.
·         Organized Crime – This is all organized crime.
·         Failure to Withhold


Send request to: 
Governor's Tom Corbett's Office 
225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120
Phone: (717) 787-2500 
Fax: (717) 772-8284
1)    Google   “Judicial Review Board of the Pa Supreme Court”

2)    Click on “Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania - Home

3)    Follow easy instructions in filing a complaint

4)    Or go to http://judicialconductboardofpa.org/filing-a-complaint/

I recommend a BAR COMPLAINT to be paired with the Judicial review board complaint  Go to:  http://www.padisciplinaryboard.org/contact/district-offices.php

File here:

District 3 Office

Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Avenue
Suite 5800
P.O. Box 62675
Harrisburg, PA 17106-2675 
Telephone: (717) 772-8572
Fax: (717) 772-7463