Sunday, January 26, 2014

Praise and scorn

PRAISE    Praise for the creators of the "Kids for Cash" movie. Yes... it is a black mark on the area - but it is a wake up call.

Consider... almost all of the corruption coinciding with that movie is still ongoing. Other crooks and swindlers may have gotten scared - but have they changed their ways? Or have they stopped abusing chemicals?

SCORN    To those that sit on their hands and accept the status quo. Speak up. Take a look at LAG Towing. Kobby was the lone voice in the wilderness... then I got involved... then the Citizens Voice and TL caught on... then Linda Urban and Lou Jasikoff and Frank Sorick took note... then victims came forth and Tony George got involved... leading to the FBI sting.

No more LAG Towing... which had NOTHING to do with the sham investigation Leighton was pretending to carry out along with his bobblehead council.

There is an anticorruption infrastructure in place. Please use it. A Physician called me this morning with a serious concern. 

However if you are friends, family, or suck-holes of the corrupt elite... don't waste our time.