Friday, January 10, 2014

Punching up and punching down

Punching up = Taking on something bigger than you. Something important for others and not just for yourself. Punching up takes courage and involves risk.

Punching Down = Abusing your power. Bullying. Looking down on others. Selfishness. There is no risk because the outcome is predetermined. Bullies have the power.

Punching Up = Rosa Parks  "The first lady of civil rights" and "The mother of the freedom movement"

Punching Down Bridgett Ann Kelly who told the Port Authority head: "It's time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee." (below right)

Punching Up = Betty Roccograndi    A jewel to our area. As a reporter/writer, Betty courageously takes on what needs to be addressed in her blog. She works for causes greater than herself. A former Times leader reporter.

Punching Down = Forty Fort Police Chief Dan Hunsinger    He colluded with WB police in preventing me from filing charges regarding anonymous letters I have received. The letters are so lurid and so focused on a given sexuality that they fit the parameters of a hate crime. After blocking my path to justice, he then sent me down a dead end legal road and pawned it off as "legitimate help"... like I am some sort of moron. 

I have LOTS more to say about this corrupted bully in the days ahead.  He will likely lie to cover himself... but I plan to ask that we both take a polygraph to see who is telling the truth on the main issues. IMPEDING ONE'S ACCESS TO COURTS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Hunsinger picked the wrong guy to mess with.

Punching Up = Lou Jasikoff    Lou began the Wilkes-Barre Independent Gazette and a few other papers since. The Gazette fills a niche regarding investigations that the other papers miss or are too scared to report on. Lou is guided by his moral compass and his vision. He puts goals before money.

Punching Down City Attorney Bill Vinsko for writing a "one strike" policy for landlords that tramples civil rights. We also know that in one case the landlord (Adam Peters) was about as fastidious a landlord can be! He was likely picked because most 25 year old young men don't have the experience to fight back.

Bullies know how to stack the deck. The board is an absolute joke. It is stacked by Leighton's minions. A kangaroo court. 

Mindset of city hall:
   >  Diconnect between actions and how they may affect others
   >  Empathy is non-existent. It was sickening to see Adam                 Peters get shafted... and nobody even cared.
   >   City Hall needs clean minds and clear consciences. What 
         he have are corrupt minds and consciences that are