Saturday, April 13, 2019

E mail copy

Here is copy of e mail I sent:

Sent to:
Julie Brown <jbrown@miamiherald.com>,
Emily Michot <emichot@miamiherald.com>,
Emily Fang <emily.colley@gmail.com>,
"Bradley Myles, Polaris" <info@polarisproject.org>,
Aaron Gentry-DCF <Aaron.gentry@myfloridafamilies.com>,
Adriane Reesey <1HTC@1htc.org>,
Adrienne Ellis-Chief Assistant State Attorney <aellis@sa15.org>,
Alfonso Jr <StarlingA@pbso.org>,
Amanda Capalbo-POH <amanda_capalbo@yahoo.com>,
Andrew Clarke <aclarke@wpb.org>,
Angela LoBosco-DOD/DCIS <Angela.LoBosco@dodig.mil>,
Anita Wester-WPB VA Medical Center <anita.wester@va.gov>,
Ariel Harrison-FAU Student <alaidle1@fau.edu>,
Arthur Corrieri-ICE/HSI <Arthur.Corrieri@ice.dhs.gov>,
"Barbara Martinez - United States Attorney (barbara.martinez2@usdoj.gov)" <barbara.martinez2@usdoj.gov>,
Becky Pymond-Hepzibah Hourse <Becky@hepzibahhouse.org>,
"Bonnie Jo Daniels - Hope for Freedom (Christ Fellowship) (bonniejod@cftoday.org)" <bonniejod@cftoday.org>,
"Sean A." <BozdechS@pbso.org>,
"Brandy Macaluso - Coalition for Independent Living Options (bmac@cilo.org)" <bmac@cilo.org>,
Brent Joseph <josephb@bbfl.us>,
Brian Gibson <bgibson@lantana.org>,
Brianna Coakley <bcoakley@sa15.org>,
PhD-Florida Atlantic University <cainc@fau.edu>,
"Caridad Mas-Batchelor - International Rescue (caridad.MasBatchelor@rescue.org)" <caridad.MasBatchelor@rescue.org>,
"Carlos L." <LisboaC@pbso.org>,
"Carol Messam-Gordon - Palm Beach County Victim Services (cmessamg@pbcgov.org)" <cmessamg@pbcgov.org>,
"Carol Rodriguez - Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach (cjrodriguez@ccdpb.org)" <cjrodriguez@ccdpb.org>,
Char Talmadge-Director-Rescue Upstream <char@rescueupstream.com>,
Charla Harper-SLSO <harperc@stluciesheriff.com>,
"Charles Ramos - Boynton Beach PD (ramosc@bbfl.us)" <ramosc@bbfl.us>,
Cherie Benjoseph- KidSafe Foundation <cherieb@kidsafefoundation.org>,
Chris Newman-SLCSO <newmanc@stluciesheriff.com>,
"Christina Cobb- FBI (christina.cobb@ic.fbi.gov)" <christina.cobb@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Christina Silvestri - Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach (csilvestri@ccdpb.org)" <csilvestri@ccdpb.org>,
Christopher Howard-FDOH <christopher.howard@flhealth.gov>,
Claudia Herrera <cherrera@ctrfam.org>,
Coleen LaCosta-Executive Director Speak Up For Kids <coleen@speakupforkidspbc.org>,
"Cristobal Perez - Department of Children and Families (cristobal.perez@myflfamilies.com)" <cristobal.perez@myflfamilies.com>,
"Daniel Villacci - Department of Children and Families (daniel.villacci@myflfamilies.com)" <daniel.villacci@myflfamilies.com>,
David B <GrooverD@pbso.org>,
David Santiago-1HTC <da.santiago1994@gmail.com>,
Desire'e K <McGovernD@pbso.org>,
"Det. Sgt. Jim Eddy" <jeddy@lantana.org>,
"Diana Brett - FBI (diana.brett@ic.fbi.gov)" <diana.brett@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Diana Stanley - The Lord's Place (dstanley@thelordsplace.org)" <dstanley@thelordsplace.org>,
E LeBeau-SLCSO <lebeaue@stluciesheriff.com>,
"Edward L." <ThompsonE@pbso.org>,
Elena Garcia-Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach <egarcia@ccdpb.org>,
Eric Chan <eric.chan@ice.dhs.gov>,
Fiona Wade-Guardian Ad Litem <fiona.wade@gal.fl.gov>,
Francisco Chevere-Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach <fchevere@ccdpb.org>,
"Gayla Bujnowski-PBC Consumer Affairs (gbujnows@pbcgov.org)" <gbujnows@pbcgov.org>,
"Gena A." <RowlandsG@pbso.org>,
"Gregory Schiller - United States Attorney (gregory.schiller@usdoj.gov)" <gregory.schiller@usdoj.gov>,
"Heidi Laporte - Barry University (hlaporte@barry.edu)" <hlaporte@barry.edu>,
Heidi Schaeffer-HTCPB <momdoctor6@gmail.com>,
Holly Babrick-Place of Hope <hollyb@placeofhope.com>,
Ivonne Vadi <ivadi@ccdpb.org>,
James <SuarezJ@pbso.org>,
"Jamie Parlow - Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach (jparlow@ccdpb.org)" <jparlow@ccdpb.org>,
Janet <CidJ@pbso.org>,
Jason M <AvidonJ@pbso.org>,
Jennifer Howard-FBI <JLHoward@fbi.gov>,
"Jennifer Minton - FBI (JRMinton@fbi.gov)" <JRMinton@fbi.gov>,
"Jennifer Rey - Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) (jrey@avda-fl.com)" <jrey@avda-fl.com>,
Jennifer Marie <SzrejterJ@pbso.org>,
Jhon <ChavesJ@pbso.org>,
Kanathy Haney-PBSC <haneyk@palmbeachstate.edu>,
Karissa Bolden <karissa@catchthewaveofhope.org>,
Katina Hernandez-ICE/DHS <katina.hernandez@ice.dhs.gov>,
Krystal Kenison-ChildNet <KKenison@childnet.us>,
Laura McFarland-Hope Campaign <macfarlandlaura@gmail.com>,
Laura McFarland-POH <lauram@placeofhope.com>,
Linda Gellar-Schwartz-HTCPBC <lindagellarschwartz@gmail.com>,
Louise Miller-HSI/ICE <louise.miller@dhs.gov>,
Marci Rex-Chief of Special Victims Unit State Attorney <aharris@sa15.org>,
"Maria Llompart - FBI (maria.llompart@ic.fbi.gov)" <maria.llompart@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Marian Heitzman - Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach (mheitzman@ccdpb.org)" <mheitzman@ccdpb.org>,
"Mark Vertefeuille - West Palm Beach PD (mvertefeuille@wpb.org)" <mvertefeuille@wpb.org>,
"Marta I." <RodriguezMI@pbso.org>,
"Mary Cauthen - Harmony House (YWCA of Palm Beach County) (mcauthen@ywcapbc.org)" <mcauthen@ywcapbc.org>,
"Mathew Broadhurst - United States Department of Labor (broadhurst.mathew@oig.dol.gov)" <broadhurst.mathew@oig.dol.gov>,
Matt Kwarchak-Jeff Industries <MKwarchak@jeffindustries.org>,
Melissa Martz <melcpapa@gmail.com>,
Michael Deighan <mdeighan@wpb.org>,
Michell Canaday-Guardian Ad Litem Program <Michelle.Canaday@gal.fl.gov>,
Nancy Hennon-ChildNet <NHennon@childnet.us>,
Nancy McConnell-Rebel Recovery <nancy@rebelrecoveryfl.com>,
Nathan Earl-Ark of Alliance <nathan.earl@aofalliance.org>,
"Nicole Bishop - Palm Beach County Victim Services (nbishop@pbcgov.org)" <nbishop@pbcgov.org>,
Odette Robinson <odetterobinson@bellsouth.net>,
"Pam O'Brien - Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) (pobrien@avda-fl.com)" <pobrien@avda-fl.com>,
"Melissa (OIG/OI)" <Melissa.PerezRodriguez@oig.hhs.gov>,
"Peter Angell - FBI (peter.angell@ic.fbi.gov)" <peter.angell@ic.fbi.gov>,
Deborah M <PhillipsDM@pbso.org>,
"Ramona Hupp - Legal Aid Society of the Palm Beaches (rhupp@legalaidpbc.org)" <rhupp@legalaidpbc.org>,
"Randy F." <FoleyR@pbso.org>,
"Regina Bernadin - International Rescue (regina.bernadin@rescue.org)" <regina.bernadin@rescue.org>,
Regina Fernandes-Costa-1HTC <REGCOSTA1HTC@gmail.com>,
Renaldo Franklin-HSI <Renaldo.Franklin@dhs.gov>,
Rob Shelt-Division of Consumer Affairs <rshelt@pbcgov.org>,
"Sandra Perez - Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach (sperez@ccdpb.org)" <sperez@ccdpb.org>,
"Sarah Lewis - Barry University (slewis1@barry.edu)" <slewis1@barry.edu>,
"Sarah Talley - FBI (sara.talley@ic.fbi.gov)" <sara.talley@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Sean B. Sandler-U.S. Marshals Service" <sean.sandler@usdoj.gov>,
Shari Calderwood-GAL <shari.calderwood@gal.fl.gov>,
"Shaun O'Neill - FBI (shaun.oneill@ic.fbi.gov)" <shaun.oneill@ic.fbi.gov>,
"Sherry Britton-Susino - Palm Beach County Victim Services (sbritton@pbcgov.org)" <sbritton@pbcgov.org>,
Stacey M <LonghiniS@pbso.org>,
Stephanie Tew <stephanie.tew@myfloridalegal.com>,
Steven M <StrivelliS@pbso.org>,
Susan Kanoff-HTCPB <susank45@gmail.com>,
JNRC <suzanne@friendsofelsol.org>,
"Tanya Meade - Coalition for Independent Living Options (tmeade@cilo.org)" <tmeade@cilo.org>,
Theresa Kennedy-DCF <Theresa.Kennedy@myflfamilies.com>,
Tonja Marshall-1HTC <TLM23@live.com>,
"Twiler Smith - FBI (twiler.smith@ic.fbi.gov)" <twiler.smith@ic.fbi.gov>,
Tyiesha Wisdom-WPB VA <tyiesha.wisdom@va.gov>,
"Val Stanley - The Lord's Place (vstanley@thelordsplace.org)" <vstanley@thelordsplace.org>,
Valerie Messineo <vmessineo@pbcgov.org>,
Venessa Ramos-DJJ <venessa.ramos@djj.state.fl.us>,
William D <VaughanW@pbso.org>,
"Xavier A. Martinez-HSI" <xavier.a.martinez@dhs.gov>,
Dave Aronberg <dave@sa15.org>,
Davis Legal Center Inc <Davislegalfl@gmail.com>,
Third Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program <Linda.Dedge@gal.fl.gov>,
"Singer, Scott" <ssinger@ci.boca-raton.fl.us>,
Sandra Esquivel <Sandra.esquivel@nbcuni.com>,
Lisa Haba <LisaHaba@habalaw.com>,
Jamie Bond <jamieb@placeofhope.com>,
"Ellen Cohen-US. Attorney's Office" <ellen.cohen@usdoj.gov>,
Harley Toufanian <htoufanian@toufanianlaw.com>,
Ruth Told <ruthbtold1@gmail.com>,
melissa martz <melissamartzesq@gmail.com>

MAIN PAGE = http://wbtruth.blogspot.com/    
Friend me on FB. I post daily. Mark Robbins  Here is direct link: 

Note: I have been gaining visibility / traction / understanding w many who "need to know" re: my advocacy.

1) The BHTC has been operating ILLEGALLY for 7 years. They have not reported financials for 7 years as a nonprofit.
This means that money from donations and fundraisers likely go into someone's pocket. And they have taken in a lot.

2) They have never rescued a single victim. In fact they meet so rarely I am stunned that they can even call 
themselves a non profit. I put in more work in one week (on my own dime) than they do in a year.

3) Having an LGBT child at FAU... I was incensed that FAU gave her the position of Victims Advocate.
After the FAU Pres and Board reviewed the same info that you can see here... she was fired ( I am quite sure. In 
today's climate "firing" isn't used. She was gone in the middle of a semester. Plantation police took her back)

4)  The BHTC and the Covenant House and the New Beginnings sex trafficking ring work together in a massive
sex trafficking scheme with powerful Broward County law enforcement providing cover... profiting from... who knows at this point.
The Epstein case is small compared to what's happening here.

5) I have been an activist for two years and I have yet to be proven wrong on any fact. As an activist brave enough to stick my neck 
out... I have been the target of vicious attacks and corrupted criminal / legal maneuvers. I am amazed I am still alive.

  Mark Robbins




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