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"SAVED IN AMERICA" is a nonprofit that I questioned in 2019. I filed a complaint against them since their "rescue stats" were not in the range of credibility. After my complaint (and assuredly others) they are being investigated by the state of California and are being sued. See HERE

"OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD" is another national scam. I reported them for (1) Having a for-profit "training" business under their nonprofit umbrella and (2) owning stock (mutual funds) worth more than $20 M. (3) Claiming results that are clearly impossible. They are now under investigation by the state of Utah. See HERE Not surprisingly, this fraudulent charity is supported by Q ANON (below). 

Q ANON is alive and well in South Florida. QANON is a make believe theory that claims that the world is being run by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles (Democrats including Biden/Harris) whereby Trump is the only Savior for world. They revile Democrats and label them as "Socialist or Commie bastards" and will (online) maul anyone that speaks against Trump. They are about "winning" (anything pro Trump). They use the tag #SAVOURCHILDREN to peddle their hate through this innocent sounding name. 

Very sadly, Jamie Bond is an administrator of the FB hate group named "SAVE THE CHILDREN TREASURE COAST." She is also the  Director of Advancement and Placement" of "Place of Hope" in West Palm Beach - a very large and successful (to my knowledge) facility for abused and trafficked kids. And at the same time Bond's leadership in the QANON group casts a very dark shadow on this charity,  Put simply, Q ANON cannot coexist with any reputable nonprofit seeking to help the sexually abused. Please read here about how QANON is hurting bona fide efforts to fight sex trafficking HERE.

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