Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How "PAY TO PLAY" works

This flowchart represents how "pay to play" works using the "Parking Gate" debacle as an example (money paid to cronies with the supposed attempt to privatize city parking). Over $120,000 was spent for nothing.

Winners      Leighton    Cronies willing to "pay to play" w/ campaign contributions. 
                    Cronies      Paid up to $900 per hour for "busy work."
Losers        Taxpayers   who had to pick up every penny of this nonsense.

NOTE:  Taxpayers could be on the hook for another $300,000 for the Thom Greco lawsuit (started against Leighton and Dessoye for their bullying and "military-type" tactics used to shut down an establishment owned by Thom Greco. See my July 14 blog). 
BIGGEST LEIGHTON CONTRIBUTOR:   Rosen Jenkins  and  Greenwald  
At least $120,000 was wasted by the city frivolously feeding those that fed Leighton. 

SEE Q and A at bottom !!
(Campaign contributions directly below)


Q and A

1)   Does the WB firm of Rosen Jenkins and Greenwald stand to profit from Leighton’s bad mistakes? Yes. The bigger the mess… the bigger the pay out. From a monetary standpoint, they have no incentive for Leighton to get sober and gain back any mental acuity. They profit from his incompetence and mind impairments.

2)  Does the Thom Greco lawsuit stand as an example of this? Yes. No sane person calls upon police dogs, a SWAT team, and 30 cops without arresting anyone or even issuing a citation. RJG will “roll in dough” over this suit.

3)  There was another consultant brought in… wasn’t there… to put a value on all the parking lots? Yes

4)  What happened with them?  Despite the taxpayers footing the bill for these consultants, Leighton put a “gag order” on their result. It was too low for Leighton’s liking.

5)  So Leighton would only “put out” a valuation that did not reflect reality? Yes. He was looking for $20,000,000. It was valued around $ 7 million.

6)  How do you know it was $ 7 million if there was a gag order? Because I did my own analysis (free of charge) and I was told it was close to the “Desman number.”

7)  If the city went with Desman (from Chicago) at first… wouldn’t the other “players” become expendable and wouldn’t the city have saved at least $100,000? Yep.

8)  Do you believe that if Leighton found a buyer for $20 million and withheld Desman’s findings that Leighton would be guilty of fraud? Yes. I say this because he would be intentionally distorting facts and withholding pertinent information. There would be an illicit gain. It would be fraud.

9)  Did Drew McLaughlin lie to the public? Yes. He said that Desman was on board with the $ 20 million number. Upon hearing this Desman made this retort to a local paper: Wilkes-Barre's parking consultant made clear Wednesday that it does not endorse - nor agree with - the city's decision to place a $20 million minimum bid on a lease of parking garages, lots and meters. "We did not validate the $20 million."

10)               Who was paid what?
-      JJ Murphy   $300 per hour  to go up to $400 per hour
-      Alan Wohlstetter    $400 per hour to go up to $500 per hour
-      Murray Ufberg    Whatever a solicitor makes. He invested heavily for this job in campaign contributions.

11)                    Did JJ Murphy actually bill for talking to the newspapers? Yes. It appears he felt safe in knowing that his money was coming from Fox Rothschild (via WB taxpayers) and he took advantage of the situation.

12)               Did Patrick Murphy and JJ Murphy actually play dumb about JJ getting paid from Patrick’s law firm (Fox Rothschild)? Yes… they actually tried to pull this off?

13)               What happened when JJ’s pay scale was revealed? He slinked out of site like a snake (hence his nickname). We never saw him again.
14)               How did you feel about Murray Ufberg’s role? Glad you asked. Here is letter I wrote to Murray Ufberg. 

    I would like to address your role as the WB Parking Authority Solicitor. There are a number of matters that, together, add up to grave concerns. 

These concerns are in regards to your objectivity and failure to act in accordance with whats needed as a solicitor for a public entity.

I, on behalf of many public citizens, would like you to resign from your post as solicitor. In no particular order:

1) You have personally given money to Leighton's campaign

2) Your firm has given money as well.

3) JJ Murphy has contributed to Leighton

4) Fox Rothschild has contributed (all recipients to date have been donors)

5) At the Tuesday (5/13/12) meeting we (the public) were promised the results of the Desman and Assocs report. It is on tape. Yet Leighton kept the results hidden. As the solicitor to a public authority, it is your job to see that the public receives this valued information. Yet you failed. Why?

6) The study was paid for by the taxpayers and not Leighton personally. Why hasn’t the study been revealed? In my book, this puts you in collusion with Leighton.

7) Drew McLaughlin has stated that potential bidders would not see the report. Withholding material information from a reputable consultant is fraud. It’s no different than if I sold you a house and kept a study to myself indicating a sink hole. Why are you a party to this?

8) Leighton met privately with parking authority members. Word got out. Isnt it your responsibility to at least avoid the appearance of impropriety? The right thing to do would be to disclose this. Instead you were caught.

9) How, as solicitor, did you allow a tab of more than a $100,000 be compiled and not question it. You represent the public. Where were you?
10) How about $ 300 per hour for Murphy. Did you offer any opinion about this obscene pay rate? At a minimum… what about the appearance of impropriety?

11) Clearly you are doing Leighton’s bidding. I ask you, Who is paying your bills? Are you Leightons personal attorney or are you being paid by the public? How have you communicated to the public?

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