Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Leighton and Sherman Hills

HAPPY STORY      Pete Cameron of the Citizen's Voice wrote a story on the Khan Academy last April which he shared with me. I posted about this the other day. Scroll down a page or two for my post

Leighton and Sherman Hills

1)     Why does a publically elected Mayor need to meet PRIVATELY with the managers of a Public housing authority (Sherman Hills)? Answer: Because they obviously have things to hide.

2)     Why does a city spokesman make a statement and not Leighton? One answer: To put more distance between what was actually said at the meeting and what was put out to the public.

3)     Have people complained about Sherman Hills not being inspected? Answer: Yes

4)     Did a stairwell actually collapse at Sherman Hills?  Answer: Yes

5)     Would it have been economically more feasible for Sherman Hills to pay off Leighton rather than deal with the cost of inspections, repairs, and evictions of those not supposed to be there?  Answer: Yes. It would be more feasible to do so.

6)     Could the dearth of inspections allowed violent criminals to run rampant at Sherman Hills? Answer: Yes

7)     Could inspections have prevented some of the murders and/or shootings? Answer: Yes

8)     If Leighton took money, is he at least partly responsible for shootings and/or murders. Answer: Yes. If he took a bribe or worked a hidden deal.  

9)     Has the gross negligence and/or corruption needlessly increased the risks that police officers face? Answer: Yes, due to the fact that there has been no mechanism to get rid of the criminals who don't belong there.